Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Yesterday,dengan sedihnya forced myself to go for the hiv test alone.
Since my bf stood me up as initially he promised to come and go get it done together.
Nasib tak merajuk.Weeks earlier, i've already searched for the nearest government clinic and the one that i found nearest is the Poliklinik Komuniti Kelana Jaya.

I made boy go for his test yesterday also.I arrived at my clinic first at around 2pm,where else he took his sweet time and got at his clinic at 3pm.The minute the nurse called my name ,i was already nausea's.I seriously cant stand the sight of blood.Dahla before me another couple,had just got their fingers pricked and i could see the blood stained cotton wool on their fingers.

I looked away when the nurse pricked mine, and i thought to myself..''s not so bad,i could hardly feel anything.'BUT, after i saw my blood stained cotton wool, mmg i dah jadi lemah .Quickly threw away the cotton wool and sat down quietly and waited for my result.As i was beginning to feel better, the nurse at the counter announced with her microphone that everyone who was there for the hiv test to please come again to the counter..GUESS WHAT!!..guess the earlier nurse, screwed up with our blood kits and we had to get pricked again!!..

My heart was racing .NOT AGAIN!!!!!!!!
Like it or not, went through it again.
Immediately called boy,and complained.
He on the other hand was still waiting to get the test done even after 40 minutes of getting there.

I seriously cant stand the sight of blood.
I remember when i was in high school, i was in the school bus.On the way back home.
I sat beside a girl, and suddenly her nose was bleeding.
The girl was ok and all, i pulak yang pitam.
Haiyoh..mmg tak boleh langsung tgk darah.


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