Tuesday, July 26, 2011

1 Year Anniversary

Lamaaaanya tak update blog.
Its not that i've been busy or anything, ntah just didnt have the mood to update.
On the 16th of July, our marriage hit the 1 year mark.
Syukur Alhamdulillah.
Felt like it was only yesterday i was getting all dolled up for my solemnisation.
To commemorate our 1st year, we went away to Bangkok for 3 nights, which was so much fun.
The night of our anniversary we went for the Calypso Lady Boy Cabaret Show.OH MY, the lady boy's were so pretty, flawless skin, jaw dropping silhouette, and most obvious of all are the gedikness.But one thing remain significantly obvious (that they are in fact boys) are their voices.
Since the last time i went to Bangkok with my family which was like 5 years back, we went to this amazing thai cultural show which is called the Siam Niramit. I insisted that for this trip,i wanted my husband to experience the show .So for anyone planning to visit Bangkok in the near future, i truly recommend that u try to fit in this show into your itinerary.
U bet I was right because hubs loved the show.truly magical and indescribable.He was in awe from the beginning right to the end of it.
For the Siam Niramit show, we took the package that included hotel transfers, buffet dinner and the show. So upon arriving at the Thai Cultural Village at 6pm, we had our early dinner and just walked around the place. There were elephants. There were men and women dressed in costumes.
The guests were also able to buy food to feed the elephants which we did many times because as usual we got over excited. and, when no other guests bothered to ride on the elephants which came with a small fee, me and hubs were laughing hysterically while riding and balancing ourselves on the elephant and at the same time posing for the camera when the elephant guardian helped us take our pictures.

Below are some of the acts from the Siam Niramit show. I promise you that what u see from the picture is exactly how it turns out at the show. with all the beautiful colors and flying acts and all.

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