Sunday, March 28, 2010

Weekend Review

As mentioned earlier, I had brunch with aunts and cousins yesterday.
Oh the dim sum buffet was good, i loved the fried yam, and the shrimp dumplings.
Puas la makan dim sum.
And because my mom's cousin is the banquet manager at the hotel, we got 50 percent off .so roughly it was only RM20 per person!

My cousins then suggested that all the cousins should go straight to Jakel after brunch to go get their bridesmaids materials for my wedding.
Upon reaching Jakel we headed straight to the 4th floor where the chiffon's with 2,3,4 tones were.While i was helping them search for their materials, i bumped into Ima-my wedding dress designer.Immediately asked Ima for her advice in choosing the right materials etc..

My cousins decided to get Ima to do their outfits.Ima straight away started designing and sketching.After each and every cousin got their measurements taken and designs sketched, all of us went back home.dah rezeki Ima la yesterday, boleh bump into me and my cousins.

After maghrib got a call from my future pengapit .She wanted to inform me that she and another friend of ours, was going to go get their materials for my wedding too at Jakel the following morning.I told her i wanted to tag along,And so I went again to Jakel this morning .All the salesgirls actually by now already know my theme colour.Got further discounts from Kak Farah too.!
Am glad that my 2 besties found their materials already.They are so going to be hot on my wedding day!!

Hopefully i wouldnt have to go to Jakel again anytime soon.Or else i would probably be labeled minah Jakel.


Fuchsia pink makes all my girls looks hot.
Loving it .

Friday, March 26, 2010


I'm still down with a flu and cough.
Nevertheless, still managed to go have dinner at Tony Romas in Pyramid.Sort of a last dinner outing for the family before my youngest brother resumes his classes after a 2 week break.

Typical me, ive never been the person to have all this restrictions when I'm sick. i had icy beverages during dinner and even treated my family to dessert at Tutti Frutti.Darry has been telling us about Tutti Frutti which apparently is a frozen yogurt chain shop, and how he is keen on trying them out.Now, i'm suffering-coughing and the brain freeze from the frozen yogurt, because of my lack of ability to restrain myself from all the cold/icy drinks/desserts.SERVES ME RIGHT.

Tomorrow for brunch mom and me are going to have dim sum at the Pan pacific hotel with my aunts and lady cousins on my mom's side.My brother Danial, has been meaning to treat them since he started working at Petronas.Since it has been postponed for a few months now because its hard to coincide with every auntie and cousins weekend schedule, finally tomorrow everyone is available to come.The funny thing is that, Danial wont be joining us because mom decided it would be an all women gathering.
A bit funny dont u think.Tuan badan yg nak belanja not invited to join.-HAHA-

I'm hoping to meet boy in the wee hours tonight ,on his way back to melaka from Ipoh.
Being the attention seeker that i am, Cant wait to put on a show as if i'm soo sick, so that he'll purposely and playfully would be so attentive and affectionate.
He so knows the tricks that i have up my sleeves la.,i'm running out of tricks for god's sake because this man has been in my whole entire adult hood.

Its almost 12.30am, i think i better bit adieu and try to get a bit of sleep before meeting my mr boyfriend.
Good night ..

Thursday, March 25, 2010

I need my Dr. boyfriend

Still not well..
The flu is giving me a headache
Being sick makes me very sensitive and emotional.
Mucus was dripping like tap water last night, and i remembered blowing on to my t shirt sleeves because i was too lazy to get up and get tissues.
Yes, i am that disgusting..

Cant wait for the weekend so i can just stay at home and sleep in.
I think i know what can make me better,
A visit from Mr boyfriend should do it.DEFINITELY.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Not well

I'm sick,down with a slight fever, sore throat and cough.
I am practically voiceless now, went to work this morning, but decided i'm not fit to work , went back at 12 pm, ate my cough medicine and slept till about 3.30pm.

I'm trying not to sleep too much, because i worry i wont be able to fall asleep tonight.I need to go to work tomorrow,so i really need a good night's rest.

Whenever i cough, it hurts like hell.I so dont wanna be sick.
I miss my boyfriend.and that's making me feel worse.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Our dream bedroom set


Today we got our (me and mom's) dream all white french bedroom set at the furniture expo in Jln University, PJ.ITS SOOO Cantik..

i LOVE everything about the set,but most of all the bed is to die for..
It'll be arriving in May.So we've got to figure out what to do with the existing furnitures in the guest room.

Like seriously, it's way prettier than the set in Fella Design and Ikea.
Cant wait for it to get into the guest room downstairs.Mom is also very thrilled about it.Next weekend we're going to go look for bedsheets for the wedding.

Banyak my aunts were trying to discourage me and mom to not get an all white set.but thank god mom is so on my side.we dont care that everyone says that in a few years time it'll turn yellowish.IT DOESNT MATTER! because a white bedroom set is the best.

Another reason to be thankful for.AMIN

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Make up artist

A few days ago i frantically looked for a makeup artist for the Melaka reception.
Thank god for the blogs i previously read which has touched on the make up artist topic.I must say i'm absolutely impressed with the amount of researched they've made about this MUA's.They even made my life so much easier because they made a list of all the MUAs available with their numbers too!.

For my side i've already booked for Sue cantik, therefore i want to try someone different for Boy's side.I do know that the cost would be much much more for them to come to Melaka.But this is the only thing that Boy let me take charge of for the reception in Melaka.Yelah, reception side sana kan,i just have to follow through je.

I added a few MUAs in Facebook, and started sending msg's to them inquiring about their availability and the cost.There's this one who wanted RM1200 ,that's not including the hotel room.I was like?heck!!! u charge me so much and actually melaka is only an hour and a half from Kl, then u demand for a hotel room.Deposit he wanted was rm400.Do u even think about the bride and groom who's already spending tons of money-probably broke by then.Where is your sense of pity.I know you're famous and all. but hell u.You're out of the list.Furthermore, i saw pictures of the brides u made up-they arent that nice!!.hahahahha

So, there was this other MUA that replied.He said he's only available after 2 pm on the 24th of July, thank god the reception in Melaka is at night!!!!.ok la i'm not going to cover the identity of this MUA coz he's a life saver..He is none other than-
Best sgt dia, he's charging me RM950 je.And most importantly he didnt request for a hotel room.He probably has to go straight back to KL after that.Furthermore, the deposit he needed was only rm150.He was Suriani's makeup artist for her bertandang too.N if i'm not mistaken, she loved Ayang's makeup the most.

Please la everything goes smoothly and that Ayangkamell would be my MUA in Melaka.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

4 months


MashaAllah, Insyallah a wedding is on the way, and this time: i'm the bride!!

Yesterday i was on leave because i promised my mom to go look for coloured papers to stuff into my doorgift.Early morning we joined my aunts for breakfast in Bangsar then all of us went to Balakong to go get the coloured papers.Once we got there,we saw materials that were way nicer than just papers and because my aunts were there to persuade mom, we ended up spending Rm 500 for materials for the doorgifts, which i confirm everyone would throw out.

Last sunday we went hunting for my bedroom furnitures..
mom and i found the classic all white bedroom set at Fella Design but we have to wait to get my dad to go look at it and get his approval.It was sooo pretty, and it would be lovely for my bilik pengantin.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

That vacation plan

I'm in the midst of planning for that trip after the wedding.

I WOULD DIE if i got to go to London or go on a europe tour.
But i've got to be a bit realistic-it aint happening this year, with a wedding on the way.

I was so stupid for not just purchasing the tickets to Goldcoast during last year's Air Asia promotions.Return tickets were only for RM550.Now, its triple the price.
Anyway, i'm crossing my fingers till i get to the Matta fair with dear friends this saturday.The besties are looking for tickets to London about the time that i plan to go off on my trip.

So i'm hoping and praying and wishing that i'll get a bargain !
And i promise if i get to go there, i'll at least learn how to paddle surf!.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Kursus Kawin

Managed to go for the 1 and a half day kursus kawin with Boy.The course was at Masjid At-Taqwa,TTDI.It was so much fun.All the speakers made jokes and all the information and subjects discussed were beneficial.

As usual we were half an hour late for the first day.We sat at the last row.the boys and girls were seperated by only a small basically if me and boy sat at the last row,and i sat at the right most desk, and boy at the left most desk-we actually sat side by side! we made silly faces,wrote notes and even had our own time out sessions.Boy ni mmg la macam budak nakal kena paksa pergi class..

The 2nd day i lied and told boy that the course starts at 8, where else is starts at 8.30am.LUCKILY I DID THAT.we left the house at 8, and got there at 8.30am.For the first class the 2nd day, the ustaz was a bit strict,everyone had to fill in the empty seats in the front rows.So i didnt get to sit near boy.When the next ustaz came in, we changed back to our back seats.

I know its not a big deal to attend the kursus kawin.But with boy being super busy with work and family during the weekends, i am thankful that we managed to settle the course.So another item on my checklist can be striked off.
I'm going to pick up the certificates next saturday.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Mama and Me

Yesterday upon reaching home from work, i could feel the tense between mom and dad.
Dad was in the kitchen eating alone and mom in front of the tv barely giving me a smile-she's always very chirpy and talkative.
Joined my dad halfway through his meal and later when he finished and walked out of the kitchen, mom came and joined me halfway through my meal..
I asked my mom-'Ma, tak kawan dgn papa ke'
mom-'A'ah'-then she continued eating

I tried to korek what was the cause for it, then mom explained ..
Sumpah benda yg sgt kecik..reason being-just because my dad was unwell to attend a kenduri last night, and he asked my mom to go alone, but my mom refused.

I've been told constantly by Boy, that i very much follow my mothers personality and traits.Its the little things when u observe closely that shows how much in common we are.For instance the way i talk,our facial features, how easily irritated we get etc...

Ok, to a different story altogether, yesterday i got a text from my wedding card vendor that i should send all my details for the card at the end of april.
So i told my mom about it and mom specifically told me that she didnt want too many wordings in the card.She wanted it to be simple and clearly printed so that the old people could read it.While discussing about the card she got up and took a sample of her friends daughter's wedding card ..In the card there was this line she wanted to copy which was: ke Majlis Perkahwinan PUTERI kami,

So, she wanted to use the word PUTERI, I thought that was nice but i purposely told her i wanted the word PRINCESS.HEHEHEH.

'Ke Majlis Perkahwinan Princess Kami'


Thursday, March 4, 2010

I want to enjoy my wedding

I've secured pretty peektures !!! Thank god!!! last ..

The boss was really cool.very understanding and easy to talk to.
Hope they'll do great for my wedding.
I've booked for the photographers for my nikah and reception plus videographer for my nikah..All my relatives has been pushing me to get a videographer for the reception as well..but,, i dont really think its necessary.My reception is not a seated function.
Everyone will be up and about during the reception ,so it wouldnt show a smooth flow.Hence, no point for a videographer.

Oh my god i really cant wait to see the outcome of my dresses.Really hope the designer really incorporates the ideas i've given..I love my designer, she's young, she just got married.She understands girls in my state of position.ERRR-bRIDEZILLA'S??

Of course not!!i hope i'll never turn into one.
Me and my mom have definitely done all the work by ourselves so far without assistants from others.Actually its easier when there's not much input from others.

I do not want to be stressed out of little unnecessary things during my wedding.I pray that i would have fun and for everybody to actually enjoy my wedding.I dont want the wedding to be soo uptight.Weddings are supposed to be fun,its the time when long lost friends,relatives get together and eat,drink and celebrate the bride and groom..
Yeah i honestly just want to have fun and for the invitations to enjoy themselves.
Its ok that some of my relatives thinks that the theme color is too bold..My wedding!

You dont like it,than dont wear it.WHats the fuss.As long as my immediate family wears it and oh yes my bridesmaid la kan..

Ok next is to decide on the entertainment part for the reception..

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Bits * pieces

Work is crazy this whole week.Its wednesday and up to this point the workload have not resided.Cant wait for friday to come..Cant wait to hang out with my boyfriend.

So I spent last weekend in Malacca,
I actually enjoyed myself.While i was there, Boy sent my car for tinting and he also got me 4 new tyres for my car...Thank u baby..Anyway, i basically spent most of the time bonding with his mom. We even went visiting and shopping without him.
I had seafood for dinner with his family at one of the many seafood restaurants there.Ended up going to bed at about 3am..Gosh i was really exhausted!

Anyway, this weekend we're Insyallah going for our kursus kahwin.Hopefully the course would be interesting and enlightening to both of us..
I cant wait to see my boyfriend.Whenever i'm with him, everything else doesnt seem to matter.. like-Bonnie and clyde.

Oh yes, Boy has been mentioning about Shiela Majid's concert this month.He really adores her,we're planning on getting the tickets and oh, another thing, i really want to go watch F1 again.I think its next month.Hope my aunt would provide me and Boy the tickets again.We surely did enjoy ourselves the last time.I remembered giving him a lecture when he bought those overpriced earphones that costed rm150 .
Well thats boy, -an easily persuaded guy.

Once he bought obviously overpriced useless pens from a salesperson that stopped by while we were having dinner,just because he felt pity towards the person.Seriously, my boyfriend is like way too pemurah.Sometimes it bothers me, but he'll always assure me that, we would be murah rezeki if we're generous.

Boleh tak B generous banyak2 kat i. :)

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