Thursday, March 11, 2010

That vacation plan

I'm in the midst of planning for that trip after the wedding.

I WOULD DIE if i got to go to London or go on a europe tour.
But i've got to be a bit realistic-it aint happening this year, with a wedding on the way.

I was so stupid for not just purchasing the tickets to Goldcoast during last year's Air Asia promotions.Return tickets were only for RM550.Now, its triple the price.
Anyway, i'm crossing my fingers till i get to the Matta fair with dear friends this saturday.The besties are looking for tickets to London about the time that i plan to go off on my trip.

So i'm hoping and praying and wishing that i'll get a bargain !
And i promise if i get to go there, i'll at least learn how to paddle surf!.


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