Sunday, March 21, 2010

Our dream bedroom set


Today we got our (me and mom's) dream all white french bedroom set at the furniture expo in Jln University, PJ.ITS SOOO Cantik..

i LOVE everything about the set,but most of all the bed is to die for..
It'll be arriving in May.So we've got to figure out what to do with the existing furnitures in the guest room.

Like seriously, it's way prettier than the set in Fella Design and Ikea.
Cant wait for it to get into the guest room downstairs.Mom is also very thrilled about it.Next weekend we're going to go look for bedsheets for the wedding.

Banyak my aunts were trying to discourage me and mom to not get an all white set.but thank god mom is so on my side.we dont care that everyone says that in a few years time it'll turn yellowish.IT DOESNT MATTER! because a white bedroom set is the best.

Another reason to be thankful for.AMIN


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