Monday, March 8, 2010

Kursus Kawin

Managed to go for the 1 and a half day kursus kawin with Boy.The course was at Masjid At-Taqwa,TTDI.It was so much fun.All the speakers made jokes and all the information and subjects discussed were beneficial.

As usual we were half an hour late for the first day.We sat at the last row.the boys and girls were seperated by only a small basically if me and boy sat at the last row,and i sat at the right most desk, and boy at the left most desk-we actually sat side by side! we made silly faces,wrote notes and even had our own time out sessions.Boy ni mmg la macam budak nakal kena paksa pergi class..

The 2nd day i lied and told boy that the course starts at 8, where else is starts at 8.30am.LUCKILY I DID THAT.we left the house at 8, and got there at 8.30am.For the first class the 2nd day, the ustaz was a bit strict,everyone had to fill in the empty seats in the front rows.So i didnt get to sit near boy.When the next ustaz came in, we changed back to our back seats.

I know its not a big deal to attend the kursus kawin.But with boy being super busy with work and family during the weekends, i am thankful that we managed to settle the course.So another item on my checklist can be striked off.
I'm going to pick up the certificates next saturday.


cik puan fara said...

mcm shah rukh khan :D

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