Friday, March 26, 2010


I'm still down with a flu and cough.
Nevertheless, still managed to go have dinner at Tony Romas in Pyramid.Sort of a last dinner outing for the family before my youngest brother resumes his classes after a 2 week break.

Typical me, ive never been the person to have all this restrictions when I'm sick. i had icy beverages during dinner and even treated my family to dessert at Tutti Frutti.Darry has been telling us about Tutti Frutti which apparently is a frozen yogurt chain shop, and how he is keen on trying them out.Now, i'm suffering-coughing and the brain freeze from the frozen yogurt, because of my lack of ability to restrain myself from all the cold/icy drinks/desserts.SERVES ME RIGHT.

Tomorrow for brunch mom and me are going to have dim sum at the Pan pacific hotel with my aunts and lady cousins on my mom's side.My brother Danial, has been meaning to treat them since he started working at Petronas.Since it has been postponed for a few months now because its hard to coincide with every auntie and cousins weekend schedule, finally tomorrow everyone is available to come.The funny thing is that, Danial wont be joining us because mom decided it would be an all women gathering.
A bit funny dont u think.Tuan badan yg nak belanja not invited to join.-HAHA-

I'm hoping to meet boy in the wee hours tonight ,on his way back to melaka from Ipoh.
Being the attention seeker that i am, Cant wait to put on a show as if i'm soo sick, so that he'll purposely and playfully would be so attentive and affectionate.
He so knows the tricks that i have up my sleeves la.,i'm running out of tricks for god's sake because this man has been in my whole entire adult hood.

Its almost 12.30am, i think i better bit adieu and try to get a bit of sleep before meeting my mr boyfriend.
Good night ..


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