Sunday, March 28, 2010

Weekend Review

As mentioned earlier, I had brunch with aunts and cousins yesterday.
Oh the dim sum buffet was good, i loved the fried yam, and the shrimp dumplings.
Puas la makan dim sum.
And because my mom's cousin is the banquet manager at the hotel, we got 50 percent off .so roughly it was only RM20 per person!

My cousins then suggested that all the cousins should go straight to Jakel after brunch to go get their bridesmaids materials for my wedding.
Upon reaching Jakel we headed straight to the 4th floor where the chiffon's with 2,3,4 tones were.While i was helping them search for their materials, i bumped into Ima-my wedding dress designer.Immediately asked Ima for her advice in choosing the right materials etc..

My cousins decided to get Ima to do their outfits.Ima straight away started designing and sketching.After each and every cousin got their measurements taken and designs sketched, all of us went back home.dah rezeki Ima la yesterday, boleh bump into me and my cousins.

After maghrib got a call from my future pengapit .She wanted to inform me that she and another friend of ours, was going to go get their materials for my wedding too at Jakel the following morning.I told her i wanted to tag along,And so I went again to Jakel this morning .All the salesgirls actually by now already know my theme colour.Got further discounts from Kak Farah too.!
Am glad that my 2 besties found their materials already.They are so going to be hot on my wedding day!!

Hopefully i wouldnt have to go to Jakel again anytime soon.Or else i would probably be labeled minah Jakel.


Fuchsia pink makes all my girls looks hot.
Loving it .


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