Saturday, March 20, 2010

Make up artist

A few days ago i frantically looked for a makeup artist for the Melaka reception.
Thank god for the blogs i previously read which has touched on the make up artist topic.I must say i'm absolutely impressed with the amount of researched they've made about this MUA's.They even made my life so much easier because they made a list of all the MUAs available with their numbers too!.

For my side i've already booked for Sue cantik, therefore i want to try someone different for Boy's side.I do know that the cost would be much much more for them to come to Melaka.But this is the only thing that Boy let me take charge of for the reception in Melaka.Yelah, reception side sana kan,i just have to follow through je.

I added a few MUAs in Facebook, and started sending msg's to them inquiring about their availability and the cost.There's this one who wanted RM1200 ,that's not including the hotel room.I was like?heck!!! u charge me so much and actually melaka is only an hour and a half from Kl, then u demand for a hotel room.Deposit he wanted was rm400.Do u even think about the bride and groom who's already spending tons of money-probably broke by then.Where is your sense of pity.I know you're famous and all. but hell u.You're out of the list.Furthermore, i saw pictures of the brides u made up-they arent that nice!!.hahahahha

So, there was this other MUA that replied.He said he's only available after 2 pm on the 24th of July, thank god the reception in Melaka is at night!!!!.ok la i'm not going to cover the identity of this MUA coz he's a life saver..He is none other than-
Best sgt dia, he's charging me RM950 je.And most importantly he didnt request for a hotel room.He probably has to go straight back to KL after that.Furthermore, the deposit he needed was only rm150.He was Suriani's makeup artist for her bertandang too.N if i'm not mistaken, she loved Ayang's makeup the most.

Please la everything goes smoothly and that Ayangkamell would be my MUA in Melaka.


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