Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Bits * pieces

Work is crazy this whole week.Its wednesday and up to this point the workload have not resided.Cant wait for friday to come..Cant wait to hang out with my boyfriend.

So I spent last weekend in Malacca,
I actually enjoyed myself.While i was there, Boy sent my car for tinting and he also got me 4 new tyres for my car...Thank u baby..Anyway, i basically spent most of the time bonding with his mom. We even went visiting and shopping without him.
I had seafood for dinner with his family at one of the many seafood restaurants there.Ended up going to bed at about 3am..Gosh i was really exhausted!

Anyway, this weekend we're Insyallah going for our kursus kahwin.Hopefully the course would be interesting and enlightening to both of us..
I cant wait to see my boyfriend.Whenever i'm with him, everything else doesnt seem to matter.. like-Bonnie and clyde.

Oh yes, Boy has been mentioning about Shiela Majid's concert this month.He really adores her,we're planning on getting the tickets and oh, another thing, i really want to go watch F1 again.I think its next month.Hope my aunt would provide me and Boy the tickets again.We surely did enjoy ourselves the last time.I remembered giving him a lecture when he bought those overpriced earphones that costed rm150 .
Well thats boy, -an easily persuaded guy.

Once he bought obviously overpriced useless pens from a salesperson that stopped by while we were having dinner,just because he felt pity towards the person.Seriously, my boyfriend is like way too pemurah.Sometimes it bothers me, but he'll always assure me that, we would be murah rezeki if we're generous.

Boleh tak B generous banyak2 kat i. :)


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