Thursday, March 4, 2010

I want to enjoy my wedding

I've secured pretty peektures !!! Thank god!!! last ..

The boss was really cool.very understanding and easy to talk to.
Hope they'll do great for my wedding.
I've booked for the photographers for my nikah and reception plus videographer for my nikah..All my relatives has been pushing me to get a videographer for the reception as well..but,, i dont really think its necessary.My reception is not a seated function.
Everyone will be up and about during the reception ,so it wouldnt show a smooth flow.Hence, no point for a videographer.

Oh my god i really cant wait to see the outcome of my dresses.Really hope the designer really incorporates the ideas i've given..I love my designer, she's young, she just got married.She understands girls in my state of position.ERRR-bRIDEZILLA'S??

Of course not!!i hope i'll never turn into one.
Me and my mom have definitely done all the work by ourselves so far without assistants from others.Actually its easier when there's not much input from others.

I do not want to be stressed out of little unnecessary things during my wedding.I pray that i would have fun and for everybody to actually enjoy my wedding.I dont want the wedding to be soo uptight.Weddings are supposed to be fun,its the time when long lost friends,relatives get together and eat,drink and celebrate the bride and groom..
Yeah i honestly just want to have fun and for the invitations to enjoy themselves.
Its ok that some of my relatives thinks that the theme color is too bold..My wedding!

You dont like it,than dont wear it.WHats the fuss.As long as my immediate family wears it and oh yes my bridesmaid la kan..

Ok next is to decide on the entertainment part for the reception..


Izrin said...

darling, u want me to help u with anything? jz holler, and i will try to help.

kita kan neighbour? ;)

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