Thursday, November 26, 2009

Raya Haji

I'm in the office ALONE,the bosses has left and the whole floor is empty..yey!!
so,of course i would go on facebook and open my blog..

Tomorrow is hari raya haji.wont be going back to my dad's hometown.This year,my family korban lembu kat kampung my aunt's driver.i think its in kuala selangor..we probably wont be doing much besides gathering with close aunt's/uncles and cousins tomorrow.

mom brought back a sample for our doorgift from nilai 3.memanglah i tak berkenan with that item.the workmanship was bad.we have agreed to keep on looking.susahla.hari tu dah berkenan,takde stock pulak.but i still LOVE the nikah door gift..i want to reserve one for myself.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009


yesterday,upon reaching home,mom told me that the supplier of the doorgifts could not give us the confirmation that it would be available in april next, we've decided to search for a new item.luckily, there's enough of the doorgifts for the nikah.(note:nikah and reception doorgifts are two different items)..its already safe in my house..

of course i'm frustrated.the thing was nice and today my mom's going to nilai 3..hopefully she finds something nice and bring back a sample for me to see.this friday, i'm going to singapore with boy ,my brother and cousin.i'm hoping to get boy's hantaran shoes and shirt..

banyak sgt benda that has to be done for a wedding to take place.i'm starting to get a bit fed up and just couldnt care less.can i just marry the love of my life without all this hassle.i really pity boy.he has to fork out alot of money for this wedding.he has no father to help him out..

i seriously dnt mind a simple wedding.i really hope he wont get stressed out and feel as if this is a burden..kesiannya tunang i....

Monday, November 23, 2009


My mom called me when i was in the office and told me that she found something to be given as our door gifts .she was so excited and said to me:
"u'll definitely love it,and it's within the allocated budget"
from then on, i couldnt concentrate on work, and kept on imagining how the thing would look like.

got home and sure enough, my mom was waiting to show it to me...I LOVE IT.
she even found a door gift for the nikah..I LOVE IT TOO.
even surprising, when my dad saw both items, he didnt object and agreed withount any questions.

even though its not much,i still love it cause its just simple.thought of posting the pictures of the items but, then again it wouldnt be a surprise to everyone anymore if i did so.
I've always wanted to give something that people could use after the wedding..NOT SOMETHING THT PPL WOULD THROW OUT IMMEDIATELY UPOn RETURNING HOME..
desired items:
i.e:decorations,ceramics,candle holder,jewellery boxes(not paper/cardbox)and lots more.. what my mom found today could actually be useful and handy in the household.

.we shall wait for the big day in july alrite..!!


Saturday, November 21, 2009

i sometimes hate the weekends

thats true..
I do hate it at times.i hate it when boy is too bz to even come see me during the makes me a bit makes me feel so lonely.after a tiring week , all i look for is to spend time with boy.its not that my life only revolves around him, but all my girlfriends are busy with their own family/husband/bf..

it sucks that i dont have a sister to talk's even worst during the weekends when both my younger brother's are not around like this particular weekend.BORING.
it's depressing enough that i cant see boy, but must it be so quiet n dull at home too.
its 6pm and i just got up from my evening nap.and u know how naps can make u i'm feeling agitated,cranky and a bit depressed at how my saturday is going..

Thank god for my cat zara..SERIOUSLY.she's my rock.
thank god i'm planning to go to singapore again next week..
planning to get some hantaran stuff.
hopefully i could squeeze in a pair of shoes an a shirt ..

Its raining and it adds on to this gloomy mood.
well, its just another depressing weekend.what more is there to say..

Saturday, November 14, 2009

future honeymoon blues

padan muka to myself.2 days ago air asia started its yearly giveaway free 1 million seats.And so i browsed thru the web page in order to look for tickets for our honeymoon.been going thru and fro on the dates just to get the cheapest,everytime i wanted to click pay,i would hesitate and think to myself " am i sure i want to go to this place for my honeymoon?"..3 times i ended up just closing the page..(each time i had to look for different dates than the previous coz the previous tix price went up)

Since insyallah boy's side would be on the 24th of july,which is on a saturday.we could only probably leave for our honeymoon maybe from the 28th of july and get back on the 11th of august THE LATEST!!!.BECAUSE FASTING MONTH starts on the 12th of august if i'm not i'm restricted to this time period..of course i could wait until raya,but by that time, dah tak pengantin baru kot?

this morning i checked air asia's webpage again ,the prices has escalated and i seriously have to make a decision to just go probably on the 5th of august and get back on the 11th..i want to get this over with because before we know it ,i would be so busy with wedding preparations and that we would never have the chance to have our honeymoon..

Knowing myself and mr boy..we love going on vacations,so i think i really should just get the tickets and be at peace..will worry about our lodging later..just get the bloody tickets Diyana!!

Oh yes,i'm probably going to the wedding exhibition in PWTC today with boy..maybe this time i could help boy pick out cards and other things for his reception..kesian dia,i tak tlg pon for his side..dah la he's a guy,mmg la he doesnt know and not interested in all of this wedding preparation..well i guess i have to help him out.

Saturday, November 7, 2009


back fr dinner.i'm in the hotel room.thank god there's FREE wifi.tu yg berblogging kejap.i ate briyani again for Tp dh muak.dnt know wht to eat tomorrow.after checking out tomorrow i hv to tapau murtabak for future MIL n my parents.n after tht we're headed straight to melaka b4 i continue my journey back home.

loving my trip with boy

i'm in singapore with fiance.first trip together after the engagement.hotel room is super nice n had lunch at arab st..going off to dinner now.yey.

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