Saturday, November 21, 2009

i sometimes hate the weekends

thats true..
I do hate it at times.i hate it when boy is too bz to even come see me during the makes me a bit makes me feel so lonely.after a tiring week , all i look for is to spend time with boy.its not that my life only revolves around him, but all my girlfriends are busy with their own family/husband/bf..

it sucks that i dont have a sister to talk's even worst during the weekends when both my younger brother's are not around like this particular weekend.BORING.
it's depressing enough that i cant see boy, but must it be so quiet n dull at home too.
its 6pm and i just got up from my evening nap.and u know how naps can make u i'm feeling agitated,cranky and a bit depressed at how my saturday is going..

Thank god for my cat zara..SERIOUSLY.she's my rock.
thank god i'm planning to go to singapore again next week..
planning to get some hantaran stuff.
hopefully i could squeeze in a pair of shoes an a shirt ..

Its raining and it adds on to this gloomy mood.
well, its just another depressing weekend.what more is there to say..


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