Wednesday, November 25, 2009


yesterday,upon reaching home,mom told me that the supplier of the doorgifts could not give us the confirmation that it would be available in april next, we've decided to search for a new item.luckily, there's enough of the doorgifts for the nikah.(note:nikah and reception doorgifts are two different items)..its already safe in my house..

of course i'm frustrated.the thing was nice and today my mom's going to nilai 3..hopefully she finds something nice and bring back a sample for me to see.this friday, i'm going to singapore with boy ,my brother and cousin.i'm hoping to get boy's hantaran shoes and shirt..

banyak sgt benda that has to be done for a wedding to take place.i'm starting to get a bit fed up and just couldnt care less.can i just marry the love of my life without all this hassle.i really pity boy.he has to fork out alot of money for this wedding.he has no father to help him out..

i seriously dnt mind a simple wedding.i really hope he wont get stressed out and feel as if this is a burden..kesiannya tunang i....


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