Saturday, November 14, 2009

future honeymoon blues

padan muka to myself.2 days ago air asia started its yearly giveaway free 1 million seats.And so i browsed thru the web page in order to look for tickets for our honeymoon.been going thru and fro on the dates just to get the cheapest,everytime i wanted to click pay,i would hesitate and think to myself " am i sure i want to go to this place for my honeymoon?"..3 times i ended up just closing the page..(each time i had to look for different dates than the previous coz the previous tix price went up)

Since insyallah boy's side would be on the 24th of july,which is on a saturday.we could only probably leave for our honeymoon maybe from the 28th of july and get back on the 11th of august THE LATEST!!!.BECAUSE FASTING MONTH starts on the 12th of august if i'm not i'm restricted to this time period..of course i could wait until raya,but by that time, dah tak pengantin baru kot?

this morning i checked air asia's webpage again ,the prices has escalated and i seriously have to make a decision to just go probably on the 5th of august and get back on the 11th..i want to get this over with because before we know it ,i would be so busy with wedding preparations and that we would never have the chance to have our honeymoon..

Knowing myself and mr boy..we love going on vacations,so i think i really should just get the tickets and be at peace..will worry about our lodging later..just get the bloody tickets Diyana!!

Oh yes,i'm probably going to the wedding exhibition in PWTC today with boy..maybe this time i could help boy pick out cards and other things for his reception..kesian dia,i tak tlg pon for his side..dah la he's a guy,mmg la he doesnt know and not interested in all of this wedding preparation..well i guess i have to help him out.


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