Saturday, September 20, 2014

Fall Make Up- Berry Lips


Wanted to show you a look i created while playing around with my make up collection. 

I went with berry lips with a smokey eye look.
Added falsies for the glamed up effect.

Urban Decay: Vice 2
Coastal Scents: 88 eyeshadow palette
Too Faced: Chocolate Bar Palette
Mac blush: Mocha
Sleek: Eyebrow palette
Sleek: Contour palette
Borjois: Chocolate bronzer
Seventeen: Deep Secret lipstick
Sephora powder
Garnier: bb cream miracle perfector 

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Lashes and Brows

Its saturday. And guess what time i woke up. 4.30am. Yepppppp. Thanks to my kitty cat. She was fussing and undecisive on whether she wanted to be in the room or not. 
Anyway, thought i would blog about my latest obsession 'make up item'. Falsies..
I remembered years ago , hating the look of falsies on me. I thought it looked incredibly horrible not to mention extremely fake looking. So i guess thats why i've always stopped at mascara. 
But lately, since i've been really into youtube and the makeup world, i find myself wondering what if i could actually pull this off. Maybe i wasnt doing it right the last time. Maybe the lashes i got was not the right look i was looking for. I find that whenever every youtuber put on their lashes they look like a million dollars and look complete. 

So i went and got myself a few lashes that are more on the natural side and also the demi wispie styles. To me they seem more natural but with the right amount of ummph. 
Been practicing (applying falsies requires alot of it) for my cousins wedding. 
And tried to play around with my eyebrow kit.
Remembered a youtuber saying, you always have to do your brows. To get the put together look. Without it , your art is not complete. 

In the pics i used my Ardell demi wispies in black and my sleek brow kit in dark.
I do like these lashes but i feel that its suitable for a night time look. I'd go with  more natural lashes during the day. 

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