Friday, August 26, 2011

Laksa Johor

Planning to invite my friends and hubs friends over to the house for raya when my family is going away on a trip to Bali in 2 weeks time.

Have been thinking on what food to prepare and order,
When i suddenly thought of laksa johor.
Dont know who is willing to cook the kuah for me since my mom would not be available.
I googled the recipe's, but i'm not confident that i'm capable of cooking for 40 people on my first attempt.
And i'm sure my mom wouldnt let me, even though i'm up for the challenge. Mainly because she doesnt believe i could manage it.

Looking at images of laksa johor makes me want some badly.
My mom and relatives, eat their laksa johor with a bit of kicap manis, and using their hands. sedapnyaa. u squeeze abit of lime, with a bit of sambal belacan, sliced cucumber, daun kesom, and beans sprouts......Terliur.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Yesterday's attempt

Image above is not from google, it is in fact my very own keuy teow goreng

Succeeded in my attempt to make kuey teow goreng. (Macam la nak masak nasi briyani ke apa kan)
Mom and my 2 brothers said it was sedap.Dad on the other hand commented that it would have looked even better if i added more soy sauce to make the color a bit darker.Well it didnt matter, because all my kuey teow goreng which was equivalent to 3 packets of keuy teow used to making it, habis licin (managed to pack some for my once a week - day maid and her husband when she left before berbuka) We complemented it with bawang goreng and mom made some pickled green chili's.

I was soooo satisfied when i got to eat the kuey teow for berbuka.
I'm definitely into cooking lately. Hoping to sharpen my skills with more challenging dishes to come.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

In the mood for kuey teow goreng!

Guess what i'm going to try and cook for berbuka today.

U got it right..Kuey teow goreng!

I would like my kuey teow goreng with prawns and chickens.
And i'm sure my parents would prefer it with kerang.
So to make everyone happy, i'm planning to cook both types.
I'm envisioning my kuey teow to have lots of telur. yummm.

Hoping that it will be sedap
Cant wait for 4.30pm to leave work and stop by the grocery store near my house to get some of the ingredients listed below because, i do have a few items available at home already.

kuey teow
boneless chicken
cili boh
sesame oil
oyster sauce
soy sauce/kicap
bawang goreng

How i'm planning to cook it:
1) tumis the onion and garlic with cili boh.
Add in my chicken.
2) add oyster sauce, a bit of sesame oil, kicap and salt n sugar to taste.
3)add in my eggs, a short while later i chuck in my prawns.
4) Put in the kuey teow, followed by a handful of taugeh and kuchai.
5) Mix everything well .
6) Plate my keuy teow goreng and sprinkle bawang goreng on it

*Drooling at the kuey teow goreng images from google.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Plans for Hari Raya

Image is from google

Raya is a week away ! woohoo!

So far puasa this year syukur alhamdulillah, better than previous years.
I have no plans on baking raya biscuits. Have ordered a few types from work for my house and my mil's house. As for my baju raya this year, my mom's tailor refused to take my materials as it was 1 week of puasa already. (I figured this, but somehow didnt sweat it as nowadays there's tons of ready made baju kurungs to choose from).

I remember asking hubs a few times even before puasa whether he wanted to make a new baju melayu this year. As usual he'll say there's no need for it because he hardly wears them and last year's was still as good as new.So i was just waiting for the perfect weekend to go look for my baju kurung, and then out of the blue, hubs said he changed his mind and he wanted a new pair of baju melayu. Off we went to Jakel Shah Alam on a sunday on the 14th day of puasa to look for his material. This year, i let him choose our theme color. He chose purplish grey.
After Jakel, we headed for Subang Parade as my mom has been telling me that there's so many stalls selling baju kurung for raya on the ground floor.
True enough there was plenty of stalls to choose from but limited to the color hubs has chosen. After looking around at a few stalls with hubs totting behind me, bored to death. Finally found a baju kurung that was 90 percent the same color as hubs material.
When i got home, i was sorting out my wardrobe when i found that I actually got another 2 baju kurungs that i have never worn. I totally forgot about them. I made them in May for a friends wedding but ended up not wearing it. ...So i have 3 baju kurungs already which i think is more than enough for raya.

Hubs will be coming back this friday night. and we will be going back to Melaka on Monday. Will be spending raya in Melaka, meeting my parents in Tampin on the first day of raya, and my parents are coming to hub's house on the 2nd day of raya. I will be in melaka until the 4th day of raya, then all of us (hubs family) will go to Port Dickson for a 1 nights stay. Then the next day hubs and i will be coming back to Subang.

Excited for raya. To eat ketupat and all. Not to forget my 2nd attempt on my sambal jawa. All the raya biscuits. Duit raya from hubs!!
Oh yes, my family and hubs have agreed on trying to have a feel of jalan TAR this weekend on one of the nights. Will use the lrt to get to kl. cant wait for our mini adventure.! My dad did ask if hubs has ever tried the komuter and lrt, which made me laughed. i actually can confirm that my husband has never been on one. He is the type who prefers driving right to the doorstep if possible. mengada!
He ought to get used to public transportation's because there will be alot of tube rides in our december trip.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Sambal Jawa

Sejuk hati when your husband makan lauk u cook dgn berseleranya.

Last friday, it was my turn to go back to Melaka
Got there in the evening.While driving back, i thought that i would attempt my mom's signature dish.Called hubs and asked if he wanted eat sambal jawa for berbuka.
He said Yes wich made me even more determined to nail this dish.

So i stopped by at Jusco to get all the ingredients and immediately started preparing the dish when i got to his house.
Nervous, as i've never tried to cook this dish before even though it has always been one of my favourite lauk, and ever since hubs married me, he grew to love it too.

After about an hour, it was ready. Ready to be eaten for berbuka.I was really hoping that it would at least turn out ok..
Come the time for berbuka, my mil tasted it, and she straight away said-" Raya nanti kita masak ni eh". So flattered. Hubs was so proud and he ate alot. even for sahur he was looking for my sambal jawa.Dont know if its him trying to jaga my hati.
Nevertheless i am so happy that it turned out sedap.

Here's the ingredients for my favourite Sambal Jawa dish:

kacang panjang, sliced thinly
tempe, cut into small cubes
tahu, cut into small cubes
bwg besar, sliced thinly
cili hijau and merah, sliced thinly,
beef, sliced thinly
soh on
air asam jawa

First, fry each ingredient separately , except the soh on.
Then, roast a small chunk of belacan, and add santan.
Remember to keep on stirring to avoid curdles.
Then when u see it simmering add air asam jawa and salt n sugar to the taste.
Finally mix in all the fried ingredients into the boiling mixture of santan, belacan and air asam jawa..
Last but not least, we put in our soh on.
Mix everything together. Then we are done ladies!

Monday, August 8, 2011

My passion-my husbands headache


2)Fish n chips


15 nights-should I? I'm one click away.
To pizza or not to pizza. If there's no pizza then might as well ditch fish n chips
N the croissant too..

But I Love fish n chips in december! And croissants with a dust of snow is beautiful.
I bet hubs would love it.
While we have not been blessed to become pregnant again just yet, we might as well
have a taste of all the best pizza's, fish n chips n croissants the world has got to offer.
This time, we'll taste and enjoy all of it together.insyallah.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Salam Ramadhan

Selamat Berpuasa everyone..

Looking forward to go back to Melaka this Friday.
MIL is gathering all of hubs siblings, nephews/nieces, cucu's for buka puasa gathering on saturday followed by solat terawih berjemaah.
Its fun when everyone gathers together. I don't usually get that chaosness with my family as
my immediate family excluding myself only consist of 4 members..

This ramadhan, hubs and I went for our 1st solat terawih together with my family at the mosque nearby my house.Yes, last year we didn't get to go together.. Felt nikmatnya having a family and a husband.Can't wait for us to have kids.

Indahnya. Its been a little over a year. But I feel the love grows with time.
Life has never been this beautiful. Syukur Alhamdulillah.

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