Thursday, August 25, 2011

Yesterday's attempt

Image above is not from google, it is in fact my very own keuy teow goreng

Succeeded in my attempt to make kuey teow goreng. (Macam la nak masak nasi briyani ke apa kan)
Mom and my 2 brothers said it was sedap.Dad on the other hand commented that it would have looked even better if i added more soy sauce to make the color a bit darker.Well it didnt matter, because all my kuey teow goreng which was equivalent to 3 packets of keuy teow used to making it, habis licin (managed to pack some for my once a week - day maid and her husband when she left before berbuka) We complemented it with bawang goreng and mom made some pickled green chili's.

I was soooo satisfied when i got to eat the kuey teow for berbuka.
I'm definitely into cooking lately. Hoping to sharpen my skills with more challenging dishes to come.


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