Friday, August 26, 2011

Laksa Johor

Planning to invite my friends and hubs friends over to the house for raya when my family is going away on a trip to Bali in 2 weeks time.

Have been thinking on what food to prepare and order,
When i suddenly thought of laksa johor.
Dont know who is willing to cook the kuah for me since my mom would not be available.
I googled the recipe's, but i'm not confident that i'm capable of cooking for 40 people on my first attempt.
And i'm sure my mom wouldnt let me, even though i'm up for the challenge. Mainly because she doesnt believe i could manage it.

Looking at images of laksa johor makes me want some badly.
My mom and relatives, eat their laksa johor with a bit of kicap manis, and using their hands. sedapnyaa. u squeeze abit of lime, with a bit of sambal belacan, sliced cucumber, daun kesom, and beans sprouts......Terliur.


myra said...

oh no!! u buat i terliur jugakkk.. mana nak carik laksa johor ni.. nasib baik tak preggors!!or are u? hmmm

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