Wednesday, August 24, 2011

In the mood for kuey teow goreng!

Guess what i'm going to try and cook for berbuka today.

U got it right..Kuey teow goreng!

I would like my kuey teow goreng with prawns and chickens.
And i'm sure my parents would prefer it with kerang.
So to make everyone happy, i'm planning to cook both types.
I'm envisioning my kuey teow to have lots of telur. yummm.

Hoping that it will be sedap
Cant wait for 4.30pm to leave work and stop by the grocery store near my house to get some of the ingredients listed below because, i do have a few items available at home already.

kuey teow
boneless chicken
cili boh
sesame oil
oyster sauce
soy sauce/kicap
bawang goreng

How i'm planning to cook it:
1) tumis the onion and garlic with cili boh.
Add in my chicken.
2) add oyster sauce, a bit of sesame oil, kicap and salt n sugar to taste.
3)add in my eggs, a short while later i chuck in my prawns.
4) Put in the kuey teow, followed by a handful of taugeh and kuchai.
5) Mix everything well .
6) Plate my keuy teow goreng and sprinkle bawang goreng on it

*Drooling at the kuey teow goreng images from google.


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