Monday, August 22, 2011

Sambal Jawa

Sejuk hati when your husband makan lauk u cook dgn berseleranya.

Last friday, it was my turn to go back to Melaka
Got there in the evening.While driving back, i thought that i would attempt my mom's signature dish.Called hubs and asked if he wanted eat sambal jawa for berbuka.
He said Yes wich made me even more determined to nail this dish.

So i stopped by at Jusco to get all the ingredients and immediately started preparing the dish when i got to his house.
Nervous, as i've never tried to cook this dish before even though it has always been one of my favourite lauk, and ever since hubs married me, he grew to love it too.

After about an hour, it was ready. Ready to be eaten for berbuka.I was really hoping that it would at least turn out ok..
Come the time for berbuka, my mil tasted it, and she straight away said-" Raya nanti kita masak ni eh". So flattered. Hubs was so proud and he ate alot. even for sahur he was looking for my sambal jawa.Dont know if its him trying to jaga my hati.
Nevertheless i am so happy that it turned out sedap.

Here's the ingredients for my favourite Sambal Jawa dish:

kacang panjang, sliced thinly
tempe, cut into small cubes
tahu, cut into small cubes
bwg besar, sliced thinly
cili hijau and merah, sliced thinly,
beef, sliced thinly
soh on
air asam jawa

First, fry each ingredient separately , except the soh on.
Then, roast a small chunk of belacan, and add santan.
Remember to keep on stirring to avoid curdles.
Then when u see it simmering add air asam jawa and salt n sugar to the taste.
Finally mix in all the fried ingredients into the boiling mixture of santan, belacan and air asam jawa..
Last but not least, we put in our soh on.
Mix everything together. Then we are done ladies!


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