Wednesday, September 30, 2009

i'm engaged

hello ppl...

last saturday was my birthday and the day i got engaged..evrything went on as planned.we had sani for the bubbly photog.the event went on as i wanted it except for the terrible make up ..i'm dissapointed with the makeup artists work ..the fact that i could have done better makes me regret every bit ..but i promise myself not to get over upset just because of it.
asma and dzue arrived early,followed by the time i got ready i was immediately called out of the room for the menyarung cincin..i was nervous..terketar2 nak senyum..but after that was fine..took pictures with boy's family and friends...the food was soo sedap..thanks to abg mi and kak ana's catering..mmg sgt sedap tak tipu..then mak ndak bought a cake for me and adlan ( my lil cousin who turned 8 on the 24th) and all of them sang for us..that was really evening i was exhausted but i knew i had to keep the pace going to prepare for the bbq later that night..

danial and darimi's friends came for the bbq..sgt friends also came..then later into the night they brought out another cake for i had 2 birthday cakes...mmg penat sgt...had to clean later...really appreciate kak kimah for helping out till late...finally my friends left at about 1am..penaaatt..boy and i terus flat tido..
about boy's was nice..more than i was gold in color..was very touched by their effort.
kesimpulannya penat dgr org ckp congratulations..hehe..

Thursday, September 17, 2009






A hand bouquet is an essential item for a bride..she holds it during the akad nikah,the reception and the majlis bertandang..

To announce or not

Engagement day is 9 days away...i feel very nervous..but i have accepted the fact that it would be very simple..i am still comtemplating whether i should invite all my friends or only my close friends..When i look at my dear friends engagement preparations i feel very humble and a bit jealous i must say..but i cant complain because evrything is paid by my friend could afford to hire professional photogs and maeup artist because she's paying for them..but still she has invited evryone she knows...meriah nya majlis dia for me..i've only invited less than 10 friends to come...

i dont even have a photographer yet..but do i really need a professional to take my engagement there wouldnt be any mini pelamin whatsoever.i guess i selalu pujuk my heart and mind in trying to convince myself that all those extra things are not important..just as long as the event goes smoothly and i end up with being baby's fiance.

i want to tell the whole world that i'm getting engaged but i'm shy and sometimes afraid..bertunang tak semestinya confirm kawin..ppl say org bertunang darah manis..i'm worried..knowing me and baby can have serious fights..i'm scared but all i can do is pray that we will reach the final leg of our relationship...

Friday, September 11, 2009

cakes and cupcakes

this cake looks pretty and very yummy..i honestly like butter cake but it seems that chocolate is a hit for many ppl.obviously this cake is too big for my wedding and i bet it costs like rm500..hahha not a chance...

i have always loved cakes and chocolates.always have been into deserts and sweets too..lately there are alot of very talented bakers who are coming up with such pretty2 designs for their cupcakes and cakes.

For my engagement ,initially i wanted to give cupcakes for one of the hantaran.but since mak dik has offered to sponsor a cake..y not take up the offer kan...i was browsing the net for lists of bakers..and i found a few super talented bakers such as anita jamal,datin mary zain ,wondermilk etc...

i have considered taking classes in learning how to bake.u can seriously make money by baking.i adore those pretty fondant cupcakes!!prices for a piece of cupcake with fondant can easily reach rm6-rm6.50!!! imagine how much u can make ..

The cupcakes above are from cupcakekasih..she's from subang out her blog and u'll be so amaze at how talented she is.

wedding budget

For evry women,the perfect wedding has been a dream since childhood..but we have to face the fact that no matter how we plan the perfect day, there would be flaws here and there..In these days, the wedding budget is increasing with time..

To have a well known designer like Rizalman,Radzuan Radzwill,Jovien etc costs too much .some of them easily charging rm15k per dress..For me its ridiculous unless i'm like some rich kid or something where the budget is unlimited..I have to remember to be reasonable and put in mind that i'll only be wearing the dress maybe once.I have checked with friends who are married and this is the case for their wedding dresses.all stored in a box after their wedding..

I have reminded mama to not get over excited and spend too much on the preparations..but i do understand that i'm her only daughter and the first child to get married.i just dont want her to feel the need to live up to other ppl's expectation..i do not want to waste money..the money is better off given to me and baby to help start off our lives.

For our nikah outfit,baby and i went to Jakel and bought the wedding package materials..mine was beaded chiffon with satin silk lining and for baby it was the same satin silk material..the package costs us less than rm500..I am so happy and content with the materials we bought..
I'm planning to send the nikah material to my tailor in Summit USJ..Aunty Derina has been mama's tailor for more than 10 years..the reason i plan to send it to her is because i want a baju kurung modern for the nikah..nothing i figured why spend on a designer just to make a baju kurung modern..
For the reception outfit i'll probably send it to kudin.kudin is radzuan radzwill's assistant.he has done my cousin's reception outfit last year and it turned out i heard that he charges reasonably and you could give him your budget so that he could design something within your budget.This is a relief.because i am a very simple person..and i plan to have a simple outfit for my reception.

For the door gifts,i know mama has that covered..she wont even listen to my opinions.she has something in mind already which i hope doesnt costs much ..but knowing how my aunts could talk their way into getting my mom to buy over the budget items..i'm worried..
But both of us have agreed on giving eggs and not chocolates.thats a relief..
Today there's a warehouse sale at JW mArriot..dior and other branded item's are on sale..must get baby to come and take me there.maybe get something for out wedding hantaran..he'll save so much if we could get something from the sale.!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

engagement preparations

2 days ago.followed a dear friend of mine to The Mall...she is a former classmate in mmu and has been there for me through out the years...this dear friend is a year older and the best part is her birthday is on the 23rd of september which is 3 days earlier than mine..we actually have had a birthday party celebration together in 2006 i think...

and now...she's getting engaged too!!..her event is on the 10th of october and mine is 2 weeks earlier..talking about coincidence ...she has been with her bf for 5 years..i know she really loves this guy..they've been together thru thick n thin...i can see that she really loves him and same goes for her bf..

when she told me she was getting engaged...i was excited for her..because i know how it feels to suffer so much all these years and to finally get to the end with that love of yours ...
her engagement preparations are much much grander than mine...she has hired pak abu to design her hantarans..all of us know how much he charges..but no doubt he is good..
when asma went to london 2 months back,dia kirim handbag and belt god its for her hantaran tau..sedih pulak dgr dia punya hantaran ada handbag LV semua...she's giving her bf shoes and an kan...

after the mall,we went to go see her ring..she chose a o.3carat ring with diamond studs at the sides roughly like the ring that i reserved initially(but i bought a different ring in the end)...
now i'm glad i chose something different than hers..
lets move on to her baju tunang..she bought her kain tunang for about rm4k!!..sedih je mengingatkan i bought ready made baju kurung je fr PKNS which costs me rm129...and she sent her kain tunang to Rizman Ruzaini for tailoring which i guess costs another rm2k...haih...bestnyaaa...
oh yes she has a merisik ring too..she bought a cincin belah rotan at bvlgari for about rm2k!! imagine how much she is spending for her engagement compared to mine...tapi at the end of the day,i m happy that insyallah mine would be a simple event.coz wht matters the most is getting engaged to the one i love..not the costs n preparation...

Sunday, September 6, 2009

tiring saturday

just woke up and started cleaning the has been bugging me the whole night with her annoying minute she's hungry.the next she's meowing her heart out to get me to let her out of the room.
i was exhausted yesterday.boy came over at 2.30 am.went out to kayu to have sahur with home and showed him the room and immediately rushed to mine and about 3 hours of sleep since the contractor got here early and started making loud construction noises...showered at about 9.30am and woke boy up..we left the house and headed to pkns with mama tagging along.our mission is to get my baju bertunang and head straight to bsc..and yes pkns was packed .was hard to even walk without bumping into ppl.
After tht, like planned we drove straight to bsc..once we got into Faiq Jewels, makdik,sue and shima arrived ...perfect timing.
immediately asked for the previous sales girl named diana.and she brought out my reserved ring and diamond.instantly mak dik and mama thought there were other prettier rings..
they scouted for endless rings.mak dik showed me a pretty ring.i fell in love with it but the price range was about the same as the one i initially wanted.i thought if i were to buy something else,i would get it only if it were much cheaper ..since evryone thought that my budget for the ring was too extravagant for an engagement ring.
spent hours going back and forth between 'my ring' and other suggestions made by relatives.finally.chose the pretty ring makdik suggested.and i'm happy with it coz actually its prettier than the one i chose in the beginning.


sampin for baby:
after the ring,the next thing to buy was boy's sampin.we went to the ground floor in bsc to the terengganu songket stall..damn sampin are very expensive.luckily uncle nizam's brother knows the owners and we get discounts..akhirnya after deciding on which sampin for boy, we(mama,boy,shima,sue and i) got into boy's car n sped off to kl...destination-jakel!!jam sgt ok otw there...we got there at about 3pm..immediately went to the 3rd floor.sue saw one pretty beaded chiffon and asked the lady how much is per metre.she said rm469 siap dgn kain laki..wahh!!! wedding package!!!..after choosing between a few design.we asked for discounts coz mama know's the owner.and we saved about rm100..

takpelakan kain nikah not expensive.sue has been advising not to waste n try to save where ever we can.baju nikah pon would only be worn once because its white and u would be thinking twice if u were to wear it again to a function.

when were in the car,stuck in the traffic jam,papa called mama.asking us to go buy mandy rice from al rausha.we made our way to jalan damai and bought the mandy rice and headed straight to ttdi to send sue and this point it was nearly 6pm..
finally reached subang.boy had to go back coz he had buka puasa with his friends(puas dah merajuk and tryied to persuade him to not go)but he still went back... :(

immediately helped mama with preparing food for berbuka.after berbuka mmg mengantok and soooo exhausted...went to bed early..the end.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Makeup and hair for engagement-Settled

just got a text from my very caring aunty...i call her mak ndak..she is my dads youngest sister...
when she got the news about the engagement she immediately texted me asking what is there that she could help out...she offered a cake for the hantaran but since mak dik has that covered she opted for chocs..homemade chocs!..untungla family baby dpt mkn the chocs!hehehe
then she kept on asking me if there is anything else she could help me out with,if i needed cash ..but takkanla nak mintak cash kan..and so i asked her if she knew any makeup artist that is available for my tunang...
and she got back to me with good news..a friend of hers has already blocked the date for me...sweeet sgt kan my mak ndak...and she said she's covering the cost ...Ya Allah how lucky am i....rasa nak nangis pun ada with her thoughtful gestures in offering to help out where she can..
i guess we have this connection..her childrens are considered close to me since we stay in subang jaya...lidia and adlan has been coming to my house since they were babies...

just hope one day i would be able to return her good deeds...

Wedding Song

Just found another possible wedding song -Ungu, tercipta untukku
i fell in love with this song while writing in the latest blog...and i realised what the lyrics meant.

The chorus goes like this:

Aku ingin kau slalu,hadir dan temani aku
disetiap langkah yg meyakini ku
kau tercipta untukku
sepanjang hidupku
mesti waktu akan mampu memanggil seluruh ragaku
kuingin kau tahu kau satu milikku yg tercipta untukku..

other possible wedding songs:
shania twain-from this moment
bunga and ari lasso-aku dan dirimu

My Wedding Journey (Dedicated to the love of my life)

This is for MrBoy my boyfriend/bestfriend/lover/future fiance..

How do i start and how do I even explain how happy and blessed I feel,right at this very moment..I'm getting engaged to Boyfriend of 7 years.and to add to it the engagement is going to be on my 26th birthday which is on the 26th of september..2 years back in 2007 ,i casually told Boy that i dream of getting married on my 26th birthday in 2009..

fast forward to 2009 ,i guess the dream is not going to happen but instead i will be getting engaged to baby.

Boy has been talking about marriage alot lately and this year even my parents have been initiating to me about marriage...
then in august before ramadhan he said he talked to his mom and they agreed upon my birthday to come meminang..i was sooo happy...i swore i couldnt sleep tht nite coz i had butterflies!!
..we started panicking because its a month away.Before this, mama has been saying she wants a small and simple event for my engagement.small meaning only her elder borther and sister are invited and same goes to papa's side plus atok and wan of course.she even said 'tak payah hantaran hantaran'...

I got back to boy about the no hantaran because mama said just merisik n tunang terus...we went back and forth between our families about the plans..(it was stressing boy out because he is sooo not the type to discuss about flowers,makeup and stuff).then finally boy said his mother insists on giving hantaran because i'm the only daughter and the eldest and boy is the baby of the family..they want it to be big n special..

Got boy's sister to call mama and they click instantly..they agreed upon sending 5 trays of hantaran which means i have to balas 7 trays.

hantaran boy to me;
1) engagement ring( going to buy tomorrow insyallah at faiq jewels)
2)kain nikah (Going to buy tomorrow at jakels)
3)sirih junjung

hantaran for boy:
1)kain nikah (going to buy tomorrow at jakels)
2)perfume (bought aigner at pyramid!)
3)cake (sponsored by aunty)
4)sirih junjung
5)chocolates (sponsored by aunty)
6)pot pourri (sponsored by aunty)
7)kek lapis (sponsored by aunty)


3 saturdays ago went to faiq jewels in bsc with of course best buddies dzue and asma just to have a look.
were sooo shiny and pretty not to mention expensive..i repeatedly told asma that we have to look at rings within the given budget that boyfriend has la my boyfriend.
ok then asma said something like takpe kita tgk je..i saw one veryy veryy pretty ring.3 square cut diamonds...hmmm...rm18k ok..hehheheh..soooo out of the budget.then they finally brought out rings with unmounted claws.which means i could choose any size of diamond to be mounted on my ring selected..
yes,we found the perfect combination for me...cantik sgtt and the price was still ok..
but the sad part was i couldnt buy it tht day.told the person attanding to us named diana also to reserve the ring for me..had to bring baby to buy it la kan..

tomorrow i'm going to go to faiq jewels with baby ,mama,mak dik,n mak yak..reason of bringing mak dik.mama and mak yak is to get discounts..mak dik knows them
after getting the ring insyallah we r going to jakel to go and get our kain nikah insyallah..really dont want to spend that much on kain nikah but who knows tomorrow if i find something really nice and pricey which i insist of getting..haih risau btol..

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