Sunday, September 6, 2009

tiring saturday

just woke up and started cleaning the has been bugging me the whole night with her annoying minute she's hungry.the next she's meowing her heart out to get me to let her out of the room.
i was exhausted yesterday.boy came over at 2.30 am.went out to kayu to have sahur with home and showed him the room and immediately rushed to mine and about 3 hours of sleep since the contractor got here early and started making loud construction noises...showered at about 9.30am and woke boy up..we left the house and headed to pkns with mama tagging along.our mission is to get my baju bertunang and head straight to bsc..and yes pkns was packed .was hard to even walk without bumping into ppl.
After tht, like planned we drove straight to bsc..once we got into Faiq Jewels, makdik,sue and shima arrived ...perfect timing.
immediately asked for the previous sales girl named diana.and she brought out my reserved ring and diamond.instantly mak dik and mama thought there were other prettier rings..
they scouted for endless rings.mak dik showed me a pretty ring.i fell in love with it but the price range was about the same as the one i initially wanted.i thought if i were to buy something else,i would get it only if it were much cheaper ..since evryone thought that my budget for the ring was too extravagant for an engagement ring.
spent hours going back and forth between 'my ring' and other suggestions made by relatives.finally.chose the pretty ring makdik suggested.and i'm happy with it coz actually its prettier than the one i chose in the beginning.


sampin for baby:
after the ring,the next thing to buy was boy's sampin.we went to the ground floor in bsc to the terengganu songket stall..damn sampin are very expensive.luckily uncle nizam's brother knows the owners and we get discounts..akhirnya after deciding on which sampin for boy, we(mama,boy,shima,sue and i) got into boy's car n sped off to kl...destination-jakel!!jam sgt ok otw there...we got there at about 3pm..immediately went to the 3rd floor.sue saw one pretty beaded chiffon and asked the lady how much is per metre.she said rm469 siap dgn kain laki..wahh!!! wedding package!!!..after choosing between a few design.we asked for discounts coz mama know's the owner.and we saved about rm100..

takpelakan kain nikah not expensive.sue has been advising not to waste n try to save where ever we can.baju nikah pon would only be worn once because its white and u would be thinking twice if u were to wear it again to a function.

when were in the car,stuck in the traffic jam,papa called mama.asking us to go buy mandy rice from al rausha.we made our way to jalan damai and bought the mandy rice and headed straight to ttdi to send sue and this point it was nearly 6pm..
finally reached subang.boy had to go back coz he had buka puasa with his friends(puas dah merajuk and tryied to persuade him to not go)but he still went back... :(

immediately helped mama with preparing food for berbuka.after berbuka mmg mengantok and soooo exhausted...went to bed early..the end.


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