Friday, September 11, 2009

wedding budget

For evry women,the perfect wedding has been a dream since childhood..but we have to face the fact that no matter how we plan the perfect day, there would be flaws here and there..In these days, the wedding budget is increasing with time..

To have a well known designer like Rizalman,Radzuan Radzwill,Jovien etc costs too much .some of them easily charging rm15k per dress..For me its ridiculous unless i'm like some rich kid or something where the budget is unlimited..I have to remember to be reasonable and put in mind that i'll only be wearing the dress maybe once.I have checked with friends who are married and this is the case for their wedding dresses.all stored in a box after their wedding..

I have reminded mama to not get over excited and spend too much on the preparations..but i do understand that i'm her only daughter and the first child to get married.i just dont want her to feel the need to live up to other ppl's expectation..i do not want to waste money..the money is better off given to me and baby to help start off our lives.

For our nikah outfit,baby and i went to Jakel and bought the wedding package materials..mine was beaded chiffon with satin silk lining and for baby it was the same satin silk material..the package costs us less than rm500..I am so happy and content with the materials we bought..
I'm planning to send the nikah material to my tailor in Summit USJ..Aunty Derina has been mama's tailor for more than 10 years..the reason i plan to send it to her is because i want a baju kurung modern for the nikah..nothing i figured why spend on a designer just to make a baju kurung modern..
For the reception outfit i'll probably send it to kudin.kudin is radzuan radzwill's assistant.he has done my cousin's reception outfit last year and it turned out i heard that he charges reasonably and you could give him your budget so that he could design something within your budget.This is a relief.because i am a very simple person..and i plan to have a simple outfit for my reception.

For the door gifts,i know mama has that covered..she wont even listen to my opinions.she has something in mind already which i hope doesnt costs much ..but knowing how my aunts could talk their way into getting my mom to buy over the budget items..i'm worried..
But both of us have agreed on giving eggs and not chocolates.thats a relief..
Today there's a warehouse sale at JW mArriot..dior and other branded item's are on sale..must get baby to come and take me there.maybe get something for out wedding hantaran..he'll save so much if we could get something from the sale.!


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