Thursday, September 17, 2009

To announce or not

Engagement day is 9 days away...i feel very nervous..but i have accepted the fact that it would be very simple..i am still comtemplating whether i should invite all my friends or only my close friends..When i look at my dear friends engagement preparations i feel very humble and a bit jealous i must say..but i cant complain because evrything is paid by my friend could afford to hire professional photogs and maeup artist because she's paying for them..but still she has invited evryone she knows...meriah nya majlis dia for me..i've only invited less than 10 friends to come...

i dont even have a photographer yet..but do i really need a professional to take my engagement there wouldnt be any mini pelamin whatsoever.i guess i selalu pujuk my heart and mind in trying to convince myself that all those extra things are not important..just as long as the event goes smoothly and i end up with being baby's fiance.

i want to tell the whole world that i'm getting engaged but i'm shy and sometimes afraid..bertunang tak semestinya confirm kawin..ppl say org bertunang darah manis..i'm worried..knowing me and baby can have serious fights..i'm scared but all i can do is pray that we will reach the final leg of our relationship...


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