Friday, September 11, 2009

cakes and cupcakes

this cake looks pretty and very yummy..i honestly like butter cake but it seems that chocolate is a hit for many ppl.obviously this cake is too big for my wedding and i bet it costs like rm500..hahha not a chance...

i have always loved cakes and chocolates.always have been into deserts and sweets too..lately there are alot of very talented bakers who are coming up with such pretty2 designs for their cupcakes and cakes.

For my engagement ,initially i wanted to give cupcakes for one of the hantaran.but since mak dik has offered to sponsor a cake..y not take up the offer kan...i was browsing the net for lists of bakers..and i found a few super talented bakers such as anita jamal,datin mary zain ,wondermilk etc...

i have considered taking classes in learning how to bake.u can seriously make money by baking.i adore those pretty fondant cupcakes!!prices for a piece of cupcake with fondant can easily reach rm6-rm6.50!!! imagine how much u can make ..

The cupcakes above are from cupcakekasih..she's from subang out her blog and u'll be so amaze at how talented she is.


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