Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Recent Online Collective Haul

Online shopping is so much fun.
I'm surprised at what i can find and purchase online.
Like the other day, i accidentally tore my new blouse. i was very upset about it.
And it wasnt like i could just stitch it back because the material was soft and sheer.
so i simply googled how to fix a tear, and i discovered 2 fabric bonding powder brands that could fix tears or holes, fix hems etc without any stitching.

Anyway, i thought i'd show my recent online collective haul.

1. Studs for clothing. I got them from amazon. Here's the story, i was going through H&M's Malaysian website and i saw this  blouse i liked, a black chiffon blouse with gold studs. So i went into H&M Paradigm mall but I couldnt find it, then it was later confirmed by the salesperson that they didnt have it in store.
So i came up with the idea of custom making it. I went n bought the material, and ordered the studs and sent em to the tailor .

2) Babyliss Pro Hair Curler from;
This gadget is amazing for untalented and lazy ladies like me when it comes to styling hair.You simply take about an inch of hair and place it in between the gadget, and when u clamp it down, your hair gets sucks into the heating chamber and until u hear 5 beaps about 10-15 seconds later, u release the clamp, and out comes a curl.
Have yet to receive product.

3)Supermend Fabric Bonding Powder

4)Sleek Face Form Pallete
Bought it from Luxola . It took 1 and half day for the parcel to arrive to my office from Singapore. Happy!
Been looking for a bronzer and contour/highlighter for some time. Have tried it and only got good things to say about it.

5) Wet & Wild; Wild Icon Blush - Pearlescent Pink
Bought from Ebay. Its just a cheap drugstore brand that's not available in Malaysia and most of my favourite Youtube beauty gurus, have in one way or another mentioned about this product. They were saying it was a dupe for the NARS Orgasm blush. Have yet to receive product.

6) Eyeshadow pigments from Facebook
Recommended by a colleague. So all of us ordered and we're all so excited to try it out.

7) Stippling brush & contour/shader brush.

Picture above is from google

Picture above is from google

Online shopping is very convenient. I do need to practice self control to prevent from spending all my money on online shopping, since its just a few clicks away. Most of all i tend to look for items thats unavailable in our stores. Thank god for Ebay & Amazon!! All of the above was purchased in a span of 2 weeks. I've reached my quota for this month. My husband does not know about these purchases and i'd like to keep it that way.

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