Saturday, January 30, 2010

Please God make him love me forever

After a tensed week, my fiance yang garang sent me a text saying this to me: i sayang u sampai mati B.

Oh my,even though we've been together for 7 years,i can still feel the butterflies in my tummy..
But we still hv a long way to go, but no matter what happens,i believe that I will always have a special spot deep down in his heart.

I pon B, i sayang u sampai mati..

More crabs please!

Well as i mentioned yesterday, me and my cousins went to Hokkaido to have dinner.I've been meaning to introduce the place to them since a few months back.
My cousin Farah and her baby Kaysan came to pick me up at home at around 8.20pm and we met another cousin ,Shima there.
Alaa Kaysan is so cute.he's 8.5 kg's now.and i think he's about 5 months plus.At first when we stop at the gas station,he cried i took him out of his car seat and cradled him.he was looking at the view and lights outside the car and the next minute he was already asleep..comell
when we got to Hokkaido he was still sleeping peacefully.infact he slept all the way through dinner until we were about about to first when he woke up he was jjust looking at the surroundings until i guess he was getting hungry and sleepy again.Then he started to oh my, kuat ok dia nangis..
His mommy tried to give him milk, but still he refused to drink up..
We had to cut short our conversation because Kaysan was obviously tired and restless.

As for what we ordered yesterday,this is what we ate:
chilli/sweet sour crabs
fried calamari
butter prawns
asparagus belacan
garlic spinach
steamed buns
chinese tea

all of this was only for RM106!!
Thats why Hokkaido is my current favourite seafood place!

Friday, January 29, 2010

Seafood for dinner please


Alone in the office again, i've got another 40 minutes to go..this week has been really is never ending and i really cant wait for the long Chinese new year weekend.
Tonight i've planned to go have dinner with cousins at my current favourite seafood place-Hokkaido.The place is right in front of Vistana Hotel.A lot of catching up to do plus i really wanna see my cousins baby.He is like so cute and so MONTEL.and the thing i adore most about him is that he loves to smile and basically laugh.Pantang kena agah-mesti melekek2 dia ketawa..!!
Parents went back to my dad's hometown today .so, i'm in charge of the house.
My brother, Danial is going for his Muay Tai (Kickboxing) class tonight.He was telling us yesterday that tonight he's going to volunteer to hold the pads while a girl is practicing to try and break the record of the most kicks and box's from 12 am to 6 am.crazy right.
I guess i'll be home alone tonight.SCARY!!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

this is my furry baby

Oh how i love my cat..
i wish for my furry baby to live as long as i live.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Nak pergi holiday boleh

I really want to go on a vacation.but when is the best time for it.i also cant spend on unnecessary things like spending on a vacation (not like i've ever forked out my own money), more like i cant make mr boy to spend on a vacation now that we're a few months away from our wedding.

We were talking about going shopping in Bandung again during Chinese New Year, but there's a few factors that's stopping us:
1)of course we need to save money
2)my parents would be away during that time so i'll be in charge of feeding my hungry brother's mouth.
3)the house alarm has been going off at 5am and 1am on 2 separate nights last we have to safe guard the house during my parents absence.
4)parents would say why cant we wait to go on a vacation during our honeymoon
and the list goes on and on...

Well the cons are outweighing the pros now.what pros,there isnt any..

Sunday, January 24, 2010

sob~~dont get to see him as often nowadays

Sunday evenings usually sucks..
how i wish i didn't have to wake up early and go to work tomorrow..
Anyway, this weekend, mr boy came over..yeay!I've been seeing less of him lately..he has been very busy and i am handling (not seeing him that often) quite well.
Of course i miss him, but i guess we have to sacrifice for our own future's sake.

He got here at around 4.30pm yesterday, and he felt like eating JM i temanlah..takkan taknak teman, he is always fulfilling my cravings to eat this and that even though he doesn't necessarily like the choices i make.
After that we headed to our home away from home.hehehehe...oh we also ate at Hokkaido last night.Bestnya the crabs and prawns.!!!

He went back to melaka this morning..sedihnyaa...i really have to suck it in.and be strong.come july,insyallah everything will be better.i really don't mind not seeing him everyday..but if it went on to 2 weeks,i feel that everything is not right.i get very emotional and i burst into tears like every night.

its a relief that we've discovered how to use skype..
ok since my parents are going to go perform their umrah in two weeks time.i've requested that boy came over during that weekend and send my parents to the airport as well..i guess i wont be seeing my darling next weekend.really have to take up a hobby to fill in my weekends.the thing is, i dont have the passion to do anything besides eating. hehehe

Thursday, January 21, 2010

in the mood to watch movies

Last saturday night,me and my friends went out for a movie in conjunction with Sueanne's (cherish this moment) farewell...Sue actually organised and got the tickets for us.we watched Sherlock Holmes at midvalley.
i enjoyed the movie..i really did compared with the 2 previous movies i watched(which i came out not even halfway into the movie)-Duhai Si pari pari and Adnan sempit.

Anyway the movie ended at 11.40pm and right after that all of us adjourned to Pelita in Bangsar to have supper..Sue was so excited to see the choices of food..(last few meals before she goes back to Dublin)-cute sgt..

we ate and chatted till almost 2 am..we bid farewell to sue and headed straight back home.letih mcm pegi clubbing plak..
anyway, what other movie is good that's playing now?really want to get boy to watch a movie with me until the end.
we have this habit of watching a movie halfway je...

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


we learned how to chat on skype.cute la i can see his face everyday!!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

i love everything about him

Yesterday i cried just because he was busy the whole day.each time i called him its either he was doing something or he was with someone..i am ashamed at myself.i wasnt mad or anything, its just that i was having a bad day at work and i was tired and of course i was having my period..he was quick to reason things and made me feel so much better.
skrg ni both of us hati senang nak pujuk..if we do argue pon, it wouldnt be long.macam syg sgt kat my boyfriend.
Its really obvious that he has changed for the better.and i feel that i have changed too.and i feel so in understanding is the common factor.
2010 for me is a start of everything great...most importantly the year to be a better muslim..that is what i long for.I have been preparing myself mentally and emotionally to be someone's wife..
its alright that both of us had bad history or whatever,the most important thing is that we have learned and we are better human beings now.all the lessons picked up through out the years has made us stronger.Its better we tried out everything when we were younger and now, we're just settling down..thats the best part.seriously
i wouldnt change anything.and i wouldnt trade my moments with him,good or bad.
Am really surprised that i cant really find anything to complain about him anymore.thats how good things are between me and him now.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

B, u promised that we would settle down in KL!

Its a saturday and no my boyfriend is not coming.he just came on thursday.i took half day from work just to spend time with him.when we met on thursday.we were arguing about where we would settle down one it melaka or Kl..i of course from the beginning, before we agreed to get married clearly stated that we would settle down together in kl in the future.
I'll be a weekend wife.and i've even agreed that every alternate weekends i would go back to melaka..i just wanted to make things clear and fair so that we could avoid petty arguments and complications in the future when we're married..

Again last night we argued abit about me not wanting to spend this weekend in melaka.Hello?its tiring enough that i've got to work the whole week and i definitely look forward to the weekend.and he expects me to stay for the weekend at his house with his mom and his other adik beradik yg akan lepak2 at his house.of course i wont be comfortable because its not my own house and my own the end i would still be tired because i wouldnt be able to just be a lazy bum like i can be at my own house..tolong la faham mr boy..i also dont expect u to feel comfortable when you are at my house..
So the point is,weekends are for me to just relax and unwind..When i'm married to him then it would be a different story la.HIS HOUSE=MY HOUSE, HIS MOM=MY MOM.but untill then, i really want to just enjoy the last few months of my freedom..

Like what my cousin once told me..getting married is as though you're putting yourself in a cage ,and you get locked in, and your husband has the keys..

OMG!! that freaked me out..aiyoh..but what to do..

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Love american idol

So U Think U Can Dance totally rocks...
damn they can really dance.why is it that mostly everything that the westerners do are far off better than us..i wouldnt know who to vote it courtney,katee,joshua nor first i was really into katee and twitch but later on discovered that all 4 of them are super talented..well tomorrow the auditions for American idol's gonna start..cant wait to watch the shows with mom every Wednesday and Thursday evening's.every year we would find our particular favourite and call him (for me) -my boyfriend and for him/her(for mom)-my son /daughter..

Anyway, today was a good day for me at the office...yeayYy...looking forward to good days like this..i haven't seen mr boy since his birthday.guess he's too bz to find the time for me..I've been easily irritated and definitely not in the mood for any lovey dovey dates.PMS definitely..enjoying this few months being single and really spending time with my family...

Boyfriend's can be damn irritating and unthoughtful..urgghhh

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

To Dzue

to my darling dzue yg tgh bosan and taktau nak buat apa kat office.there's a number of things u can do:

2-kacau asma!
3-FB (IF ur office allows u to access it)hehehe
4-start your own blog so that i can read it when i'm bored
5-buff your nails.(i just did a few hours ago)
6-go buy something to much.
7-just go home!!

hehhehe.hope this was useful.muah muah.see you soon

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

My boyfriend's/fiance's/bestfriend's 31 BIRTHDAY!!

The birthday boy at lunch

I went to melaka today.Took the day off for my kesayangan's 31st birthday..initially planned for a surprise visit.tapi dah jadi tak surprise ye B.hehehe.Brought my darling to lunch and scouted for a few wedding halls.All in all,it was nice to see his mom and of course great to see the Birthday Boy..

Friday, January 1, 2010

happy new year!

happy new year to everyone...

how did i celebrate new year's eve?
well what celebration?i went to a friends solemnization in bangi with a few of my was actually nice.being with your close friends and ending the year by witnessing a happy ending for a back to subang just before 12am.i think by the time i got home was about 12.10am..
happeningnya i skarang...i miss my boo..we had an argument today so he decided not to come and spend new year's eve with both of us masing2 ushered in the new years far apart..

but we've mended things..i can feel that i have very much changed.i no longer throw a fit whenever boy cant come ..i've realised there are better ways to channel my emotions and occupy my time.and most of all i just have no desire in going out to party.what have i turned into..

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