Friday, January 1, 2010

happy new year!

happy new year to everyone...

how did i celebrate new year's eve?
well what celebration?i went to a friends solemnization in bangi with a few of my was actually nice.being with your close friends and ending the year by witnessing a happy ending for a back to subang just before 12am.i think by the time i got home was about 12.10am..
happeningnya i skarang...i miss my boo..we had an argument today so he decided not to come and spend new year's eve with both of us masing2 ushered in the new years far apart..

but we've mended things..i can feel that i have very much changed.i no longer throw a fit whenever boy cant come ..i've realised there are better ways to channel my emotions and occupy my time.and most of all i just have no desire in going out to party.what have i turned into..


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