Sunday, January 24, 2010

sob~~dont get to see him as often nowadays

Sunday evenings usually sucks..
how i wish i didn't have to wake up early and go to work tomorrow..
Anyway, this weekend, mr boy came over..yeay!I've been seeing less of him lately..he has been very busy and i am handling (not seeing him that often) quite well.
Of course i miss him, but i guess we have to sacrifice for our own future's sake.

He got here at around 4.30pm yesterday, and he felt like eating JM i temanlah..takkan taknak teman, he is always fulfilling my cravings to eat this and that even though he doesn't necessarily like the choices i make.
After that we headed to our home away from home.hehehehe...oh we also ate at Hokkaido last night.Bestnya the crabs and prawns.!!!

He went back to melaka this morning..sedihnyaa...i really have to suck it in.and be strong.come july,insyallah everything will be better.i really don't mind not seeing him everyday..but if it went on to 2 weeks,i feel that everything is not right.i get very emotional and i burst into tears like every night.

its a relief that we've discovered how to use skype..
ok since my parents are going to go perform their umrah in two weeks time.i've requested that boy came over during that weekend and send my parents to the airport as well..i guess i wont be seeing my darling next weekend.really have to take up a hobby to fill in my weekends.the thing is, i dont have the passion to do anything besides eating. hehehe


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