Friday, January 29, 2010

Seafood for dinner please


Alone in the office again, i've got another 40 minutes to go..this week has been really is never ending and i really cant wait for the long Chinese new year weekend.
Tonight i've planned to go have dinner with cousins at my current favourite seafood place-Hokkaido.The place is right in front of Vistana Hotel.A lot of catching up to do plus i really wanna see my cousins baby.He is like so cute and so MONTEL.and the thing i adore most about him is that he loves to smile and basically laugh.Pantang kena agah-mesti melekek2 dia ketawa..!!
Parents went back to my dad's hometown today .so, i'm in charge of the house.
My brother, Danial is going for his Muay Tai (Kickboxing) class tonight.He was telling us yesterday that tonight he's going to volunteer to hold the pads while a girl is practicing to try and break the record of the most kicks and box's from 12 am to 6 am.crazy right.
I guess i'll be home alone tonight.SCARY!!


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