Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Love american idol

So U Think U Can Dance totally rocks...
damn they can really dance.why is it that mostly everything that the westerners do are far off better than us..i wouldnt know who to vote for.be it courtney,katee,joshua nor twitch..at first i was really into katee and twitch but later on discovered that all 4 of them are super talented..well tomorrow the auditions for American idol's gonna start..cant wait to watch the shows with mom every Wednesday and Thursday evening's.every year we would find our particular favourite and call him (for me) -my boyfriend and for him/her(for mom)-my son /daughter..

Anyway, today was a good day for me at the office...yeayYy...looking forward to good days like this..i haven't seen mr boy since his birthday.guess he's too bz to find the time for me..I've been easily irritated and definitely not in the mood for any lovey dovey dates.PMS definitely..enjoying this few months being single and really spending time with my family...

Boyfriend's can be damn irritating and unthoughtful..urgghhh


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