Saturday, January 16, 2010

B, u promised that we would settle down in KL!

Its a saturday and no my boyfriend is not coming.he just came on thursday.i took half day from work just to spend time with him.when we met on thursday.we were arguing about where we would settle down one it melaka or Kl..i of course from the beginning, before we agreed to get married clearly stated that we would settle down together in kl in the future.
I'll be a weekend wife.and i've even agreed that every alternate weekends i would go back to melaka..i just wanted to make things clear and fair so that we could avoid petty arguments and complications in the future when we're married..

Again last night we argued abit about me not wanting to spend this weekend in melaka.Hello?its tiring enough that i've got to work the whole week and i definitely look forward to the weekend.and he expects me to stay for the weekend at his house with his mom and his other adik beradik yg akan lepak2 at his house.of course i wont be comfortable because its not my own house and my own the end i would still be tired because i wouldnt be able to just be a lazy bum like i can be at my own house..tolong la faham mr boy..i also dont expect u to feel comfortable when you are at my house..
So the point is,weekends are for me to just relax and unwind..When i'm married to him then it would be a different story la.HIS HOUSE=MY HOUSE, HIS MOM=MY MOM.but untill then, i really want to just enjoy the last few months of my freedom..

Like what my cousin once told me..getting married is as though you're putting yourself in a cage ,and you get locked in, and your husband has the keys..

OMG!! that freaked me out..aiyoh..but what to do..


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