Thursday, September 30, 2010

Need some alone time

i wanna go for a holiday with boy.
Going back to Bali together again must be nice..
Bandung would be just occupied with shopping activities that its hardly a romantic getaway for the 2 of us..

How about Krabi? we've never been there,but the thing is:i dont really fancy the beach and i dont really like water activities.When we went to Bali 5 years back, i swear we didnt even touch the ocean water..we were just taking pictures BY the beach
It was the same thing when we were in Gold coast..

Need to spend some quality time with boy..its exhausting that we travel back n forth between subang and melaka every alternate weekend.N its always with our families surrounding us..we need to be together alone..

I'm looking forward for tomorrow when my husband comes back safely to my arms..

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

enjoy your wedding girls!

A dear friend of mine whom i've known since primary school, just announced she's getting married next year.Am sooo happy even though we've never been that close..

After experiencing all the preparations, the wedding, life after wedding and all, i'm excited that my friend is bound to experience it all too.Till today i still try to re-live those 3 magical days in my head..I truly truly enjoyed all 3 events from my wedding..I tried hard not to become a monster or what they call 'bridezilla', while preparing for it all..I knew what i wanted and i'm grateful that all my ideas and desires were supported from my parents.I must admit that everything i dreamed for,for my wedding was within what we could afford and i made do with whatever was within it..and that is why and this i truly believe, that i thought everything turned out to be better than i expected.

Like my wedding dresses for instance,honest to god i think its the cheapest workmanship in town-bare in mind, of course u cant compare with the top well known designer for wedding dresses.
Not ever having any experience with the designer/tailor, i put my french laces on the line to give her a try for 1/10th of the price for a wedding dress designed by Jovien or any other top designers.
Didnt expect much from her, just constantly laying out what i want or how i want it to be.Finally the dresses turned out just fine or for myself prettier than i expected.

Wedding hall was elegant even for a come n go-buffet event..Again more than i expected..Pelamin was sweet and so worth the additional price.
Loved my make up so much even my dad who -(initially said its a waste of money to hire a make up artist which costs so much,when he thinks i could do my own make up)thinks i was so pretty and he even congratulate my make up artist for making his daughter so pretty to his eyes.

I could go on and on about weddings/ my wedding..i have to let go.probably have the post wedding blues..
Anyway, all i hope for is that for everyone who's going to get married is to always remember to have fun and dont fret the small stuff..
'enjoy your wedding'

Monday, September 27, 2010

Turning 27

I turned 27 yesterday.

As mentioned earlier, We had a kenduri doa selamat for my brother yesterday.we catered food from dtandoor as all the other caterer was fully booked.
Syukur Dtandoor's food was great.we had:
Nasi briyani,white rice, butter chicken, thick curry lamb, mixed vege, garlic naan, and my darling mak teh brought ikan keli masak lemak cili api, and sayur tempoyak..sooo org negeri sembilan's food..!

The night before, at around 11.50pm, boy woke me up only to surprise me with a birthday cake.was very happy with the effort-him asking my lil brother for a favour to go buy the cake and all..since it was just the 2 of us, i said y not just keep the cake for the kenduri yesterday.

It was nice to have both sides of the family ( mom's side and dad's side) to come gather for the kenduri since all of them have yet to come beraya at my house.
Boy was so attentive, making sure everyone was eating,had drinks, entertaining etc..but most of all is how he took charge of cleaning up after the kenduri..impressive..
Merasa la semua org ckp dia menantu baik.!!

Later in the evening, we met up with friends at empire for a bit.then went to pyramid,and finally got home at about 8.30pm..exhausted from the busy day,after bathing and preparing dinner for boy-actually just heated up left over food from the kenduri, we went straight to bed..

so that was how i spent my 27th birthday.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Christmas trip + lil brother leaving + of course my birthday!

Booked everything to go to this 2 places with mom, aunts and cousins this christmas.
My 1st time to both places..should be very excited, but boy's not coming along.
Thats why i'm not too excited for this trip.

Lil brother insyallah is flying off to Exeter, England in 2 weeks time to further his studies..will be meeting him up when we get there in December..Ni pon dah sedih sgt dia nak pegi..i guess by 3 months from now, my mom surely dah miss him sgt2, so its good timing that we are going there this Christmas.

He wont be back till next summer..he's leaving us..sedihnyaaaaaa..even though he's already 19, i still treat him like my manja little brother.
Insyallah this sunday, will be having a kenduri doa selamat for him at my house.
Still looking for a caterer though..since its raya and all, most caterers are full.
Cooking is not an option for mom.
Oh yes, this sunday is my birthday too..last year on my birthday, i got engaged to last year's and this year's birthday are extra meaningful to me..

1 year ago i was so excited on getting engaged, and today, i'm one happy married woman..
Syukur Ya Allah for everything..even though i may not have everything in life, i am thankful and contented with where i am and with what i have.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Things i did for Raya

I had a great raya.honest to god, this year's raya was sooo best.
Got to spend time with my suami and his family for 5 full days, n then hubby stayed with me from last monday till yesterday..

Day before raya:
Boy came over the night before and spent the night.we woke up early and went back to boy's house in melaka..Got there at about noon..did nothing much as MIL had already done all the cleaning..she was mostly busy preparing the stuff to cook rendang for raya the next day..In the evening i got a call from mom, she was sobbing and muttering: "first time petang raya ni,anak perempuan mama takde"..that did it..i immediately cried..Sedih nya..but i didnt want boy to know i was sad.i want him to be happy..n i know it means a lot that i was celebrating raya at his house..
That night, MIL and i went to pick up ketupat and other hari raya goodies as boy as always has things to do that doesnt involves me. :(
When we got home, boy's nephews came over for takbir...and i think we got to bed at about 1am.

Hari raya:

I woke up at about 8am..showered and got dressed.waited for everyone to come back from sembahyang raya, and went to visit boy's arwah father's rained that morning..we had to bring umbrealla's to the pusara.When we got back to boy's house, we waited for boy's eldest sister and her whole family to start the salam bermaafan..
Since boy is the youngest and his eldest sister is older than my mom, i automatically have lots of nieces and nephews..some are them are 40 me and boy sat down and all the anak sedara came to salam us.
After that we ate ketupat, rendang and all the usual hari raya food.
At about 12pm, me and boy left melaka to go visit my grandparents in tampin..i didnt get to meet my family at my kampung as they just left for the hotel to change and all.After having lunch with my grandparents, mom called and said to get ready to head to segamat to my mom's brothers house-pak kob.they too were heading to segamat,and so we drove and got to segamat at about 5pm..There was when i got to see my parents and my brother.My aunts,uncles and relatives arrived shortly after we got there.
Me and boy stayed there till about 7pm, and then we went back to melaka.

2nd day of raya:
Managed to go visiting .4 houses all together.we finished the 2nd day of raya with boy's niece's birthday celebration at his sister's place.

3rd day of raya:
My parents and brother came to boy's house from tampin to beraya..Boy cooked mee hailam..rajin my suami.besides that, stayed in the whole day.

4th day of raya:
Balik subang!

Boy stayed with me in subang until yesterday.heaven nya..managed to hold a small open house for close friends of ours,and my brothers.
I'm surprised that boy wasnt complaining with all the open houses and raya visiting, as he loves to stay in..I guess he wants me to be extra happy this raya..hopefully it'll be the same for next year's raya.

Oh we managed to get earrings for me, as i wanted to use my duit mas kahwin for jewellery.we've been looking for my earrings since before raya..but before this banyak yg i tak berkenan..yelah,with rm300 mana nak dapat if u want rose gold earrings with SMALL diamonds .last2 we got the earrings i've been wanting before we got married that has all the criteria except the 300 price tag..dulu boy nak beli kan, but i didnt let him..that time belum kawin, byk lagi benda lain nak pakai duit last sunday, we thought of trying our luck to see whether the shop still has it..dah mmg my was still there. boy just had to add on to my duit mas kawin to get those earrings.
Very happy that i've used my duit hantaran for something that i've been wanting even before we got married.

What should i ask for from my husband for my birthday..
Tak dapat apa apa pon takpe! kesian dia..

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Hari Raya this year

Its been so long since i last blogged.
Dont seem to know what to write.

Raya is 2 days away..will be driving back to melaka tomorrow night.
celebrating raya with my husband..there wasnt any fights on where we would raya this year as melaka and my dad's kampung in tampin is like 20 minutes away.
So after raya prayers, we would go to Datuk Ali Rustam's open house and shoot off to tampin to meet my family ..My family are going to drive back to tampin after raya prayers,before that stopping over at my uncle's place in seremban before adjourning to tampin.
Every year ,my mom's family would gather in seremban after raya prayers, and after spending a few hours there my family would head to tampin to be with my dad's family, since tampin is the only kampung we have left..we would usually spend 1 or 2 nights in tampin..the number of nights spent in tampin would be debated between mom and dad.

This year , raya would be different..Apart from me being married and raya'ing with my in laws, my brother Danial would be working..he has to be on duty this raya since he handles operation and the oil rig needs him to make he is not going back to tampin for raya..

Husband and i are planning to spend 3-4 hours in tampin and then go back to melaka .we would probably go back to subang on the 3rd day of raya..

Last weekend i went back to melaka..picked up my baju raya from my mother in laws tailor..the tailoring was not bad i must say..veryy cheap..boy also picked up his matching coloured baju melayu..

owh i'm looking forward to celebrate raya.
New clothes,lots of food, new family, and most of all, having a husband to celebrate raya with..

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