Thursday, September 23, 2010

Christmas trip + lil brother leaving + of course my birthday!

Booked everything to go to this 2 places with mom, aunts and cousins this christmas.
My 1st time to both places..should be very excited, but boy's not coming along.
Thats why i'm not too excited for this trip.

Lil brother insyallah is flying off to Exeter, England in 2 weeks time to further his studies..will be meeting him up when we get there in December..Ni pon dah sedih sgt dia nak pegi..i guess by 3 months from now, my mom surely dah miss him sgt2, so its good timing that we are going there this Christmas.

He wont be back till next summer..he's leaving us..sedihnyaaaaaa..even though he's already 19, i still treat him like my manja little brother.
Insyallah this sunday, will be having a kenduri doa selamat for him at my house.
Still looking for a caterer though..since its raya and all, most caterers are full.
Cooking is not an option for mom.
Oh yes, this sunday is my birthday too..last year on my birthday, i got engaged to last year's and this year's birthday are extra meaningful to me..

1 year ago i was so excited on getting engaged, and today, i'm one happy married woman..
Syukur Ya Allah for everything..even though i may not have everything in life, i am thankful and contented with where i am and with what i have.


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