Monday, September 27, 2010

Turning 27

I turned 27 yesterday.

As mentioned earlier, We had a kenduri doa selamat for my brother yesterday.we catered food from dtandoor as all the other caterer was fully booked.
Syukur Dtandoor's food was great.we had:
Nasi briyani,white rice, butter chicken, thick curry lamb, mixed vege, garlic naan, and my darling mak teh brought ikan keli masak lemak cili api, and sayur tempoyak..sooo org negeri sembilan's food..!

The night before, at around 11.50pm, boy woke me up only to surprise me with a birthday cake.was very happy with the effort-him asking my lil brother for a favour to go buy the cake and all..since it was just the 2 of us, i said y not just keep the cake for the kenduri yesterday.

It was nice to have both sides of the family ( mom's side and dad's side) to come gather for the kenduri since all of them have yet to come beraya at my house.
Boy was so attentive, making sure everyone was eating,had drinks, entertaining etc..but most of all is how he took charge of cleaning up after the kenduri..impressive..
Merasa la semua org ckp dia menantu baik.!!

Later in the evening, we met up with friends at empire for a bit.then went to pyramid,and finally got home at about 8.30pm..exhausted from the busy day,after bathing and preparing dinner for boy-actually just heated up left over food from the kenduri, we went straight to bed..

so that was how i spent my 27th birthday.


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