Tuesday, September 28, 2010

enjoy your wedding girls!

A dear friend of mine whom i've known since primary school, just announced she's getting married next year.Am sooo happy even though we've never been that close..

After experiencing all the preparations, the wedding, life after wedding and all, i'm excited that my friend is bound to experience it all too.Till today i still try to re-live those 3 magical days in my head..I truly truly enjoyed all 3 events from my wedding..I tried hard not to become a monster or what they call 'bridezilla', while preparing for it all..I knew what i wanted and i'm grateful that all my ideas and desires were supported from my parents.I must admit that everything i dreamed for,for my wedding was within what we could afford and i made do with whatever was within it..and that is why and this i truly believe, that i thought everything turned out to be better than i expected.

Like my wedding dresses for instance,honest to god i think its the cheapest workmanship in town-bare in mind, of course u cant compare with the top well known designer for wedding dresses.
Not ever having any experience with the designer/tailor, i put my french laces on the line to give her a try for 1/10th of the price for a wedding dress designed by Jovien or any other top designers.
Didnt expect much from her, just constantly laying out what i want or how i want it to be.Finally the dresses turned out just fine or for myself prettier than i expected.

Wedding hall was elegant even for a come n go-buffet event..Again more than i expected..Pelamin was sweet and so worth the additional price.
Loved my make up so much even my dad who -(initially said its a waste of money to hire a make up artist which costs so much,when he thinks i could do my own make up)thinks i was so pretty and he even congratulate my make up artist for making his daughter so pretty to his eyes.

I could go on and on about weddings/ my wedding..i have to let go.probably have the post wedding blues..
Anyway, all i hope for is that for everyone who's going to get married is to always remember to have fun and dont fret the small stuff..
'enjoy your wedding'


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