Thursday, September 30, 2010

Need some alone time

i wanna go for a holiday with boy.
Going back to Bali together again must be nice..
Bandung would be just occupied with shopping activities that its hardly a romantic getaway for the 2 of us..

How about Krabi? we've never been there,but the thing is:i dont really fancy the beach and i dont really like water activities.When we went to Bali 5 years back, i swear we didnt even touch the ocean water..we were just taking pictures BY the beach
It was the same thing when we were in Gold coast..

Need to spend some quality time with boy..its exhausting that we travel back n forth between subang and melaka every alternate weekend.N its always with our families surrounding us..we need to be together alone..

I'm looking forward for tomorrow when my husband comes back safely to my arms..


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