Sunday, May 30, 2010

My irritating cat

Pictures above were taken while i was in the midst of cutting the materials for my doorgifts.Everytime without fail, whenever my cat see's me laying out all the boxes and kain ,when i'm about to start working with it, she will come to my working area, and dgn selambanya walk on all my kain and position herself on it.

Like this afternoon, she got comfy in a lid of a box (literally squeezed herself in it) and fell asleep..crushing all my kain underneath her.this happened many times with my mom also..rasa nak gelak pon ada,geram pun ada.its like there's nowhere else for her to sleep..nevertheless she is the queen of my heart..Buat la macam mana pon, i would still love my fat cat..even when she pee's on the roof of her house/sand box.,when she's supposed to pee inside the house where the sand is.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Kebenaran Berkahwin


All matters pertaining to the forms for kebenaran berkahwin has been completed.
I went to Jabatan agama islam during lunch time to get my approval thinking that i would have to come again to callect it in a few days, but luckily they said i could get it approved in like 10 minutes.

Now, I just need to pass the documents and forms to my imam/jurunikah, and just wait for my nikah day..

I had my first fitting on saturday...and i hated my baju nikah.
i seriously hate it..but takpela,, dont want to think about it..lantak la.

Friday, May 21, 2010

8 weekends left

Ok, i have 8 weekends left before my big day..

I received my wedding cards last weekend and mom and i have already tied ribbons for 550 cards so far.tomorrow my brother's girlfriends will come over in the morning to help cut the kain..i think there's about 18 more rolls to go..i memang benci gila potong kain gets me i'm hoping the girls would do ok tomorrow..

Tomorrow afternoon, will be going to go see my imam masjid with dad and 2 uncles as my saksi..have to get my forms signed and then submit it to pejabat ugama.
After that, Ema my wedding dress designer is coming to the house at 4pm for my 1st fitting..My bridesmaids -cousins, are also supposed to come for their first fitting tomorrow at my house...

Last weekend i've sent all my barang2 hantaran to my aunt's place.she's going to start with the hantaran soon also..We've agreed to get her to do the staircase decorations at my house nanti.
This week i managed to go to a frame shop to get a picture of me and boy framed ..

Furnitures will be arriving in the 1st week of June.
Oh and we also went to Faiq Jewels to design and order boy's wedding they called me up and informed me that its ready..
Harap2 cantik la, because i helped design it because boy was saying sukati u la nak design macam mana.
susah dpt bf yang tak excited about wedding preparations.Slalunya i syok sorang2 je berangan...

Nak buat macam mana..kesian dia..dia yg nak kawin, dia yang nak cari duit nak buat majlis..semua pon on his shoulders..

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Its my Anniversary!!!

12th May 2003,

On this date 7 years ago , boy and i declared ourselves as gf and bf.
i cant forget that night after accepting his so called proposal, i was head over heels and had the butterfly syndrome in my tummy..

There's alot that we've been through and this would probably be the last anniversary before we get married insyallah.

I absolutely forgot about my anniversary this year until i was browsing through other blogs last night and i saw the date- 11th may 2003..

I was like-'oh my god, tomorrow is my anniversary'

I guess boy too didnt remember until i spoke to him before midnight and reminded him
Being me, i never stay up pass 11pm on a week after midnight i got a text from goes like this:

'Sayang, Happy Anniversary,Sekarang u dah pun jadi tunang I dan u akan memiliki i sepenuhnya'

Happy anniversary boy baby sayang.Insyallah b, soon enough u'll be mine.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Still so much to do

I've been trying to call cst productions since i watched the video presentation at boy's cousins wedding.
i fell in love with the videography.and i have never seen a wedding video that was as cool and different as that.Their price range starts from rm1800 and its more or less the same as the videographer i having second thoughts and would definitely trade my intitial videographer for them..
but...they arent answering my calls.please help.
i sooo want them for my nikah.

Ok, this weekend we're : me and mom are going full force in the wedding preparations.
We are going to go replace our defect/broken doorgifts for new ones as the shop has already promised.we still havent finish cutting one roll of the doorgifts kain!!!and there's like almost 18 big rolls.I really hope it could be completed by mid june the latest.i dont want to get 'kelam kabut' at the end.

things in my to do list that are yet to be done:
- potong kain,
- replace broken/defect doorgifts
- send boy's pengapits material to the tailor
- find accessories for nikah
- buy baju melayu's for my 4 pengiring little boys
- send my hantaran stuff to my aunt
- call up and remind pelamin nikah vendor
- call up and check on my wedding cards
- buy fuchsia pink ribbons for my wedding cards
- waiting for boy to settle and get his kelulusan kebenaran berkahwin luar negeri
- finalise on the khemah for nikah
- finalise on caterer for nikah
- remind mom about arrival of bedroom set on the 29th of may-must pay off balance a week before delivery
- get cushions for my katil pengantin.
- print a big picture of me and boy and get white frames.
- look for someone to do my inai
- call ima and check on my bridesmaids dresses
- go for food tasting in june
- pick my pelamin for reception

ish.. these are only the things i can remember so far.

Monday, May 3, 2010


Last night, i attended boy's cousins wedding at Concorde Shah Alam with his mom and my mom too!!

We met his sister there at the hotel.Boy and his mom came and got me and mom at home.
Felt so weird to have my mom and his mom together .His mom talked my mom into going for the wedding since there's an extra seat.My mom being polite didnt want to dissapoint boy's mom.

It was a Moroccan themed wedding.Definitely pretty.They even installed a tent for the main table section which adds up to the moroccan feel...
The groom's brother is a wedding planner and he was the mastermind for all the decorations and he even did the bride and grooms wedding attire.Loved the bride's attire so much..

Initially for boy's reception we were supposed to get the same cousin to do our outfits and all, but since his brother was getting married like 2 months before us, which was last night, he couldnt take on the job.

Never have i been to a themed wedding.All the families wore silver robe's again enhancing the moroccan theme.Apparently the groom's brother are all good singers.So they were the ones who serenaded us through out the night.Berani kan.kalau my family, memang pemalu and would never dare to go on stage to sing.

Got home around 11 pm.went straight to bed.

Feeling nervous now that insyallah its only 2 months away..
Am i really ready?
The only thing that makes me sad when i think about getting married is when i think of my family..i dont want to be apart from them.. because i know that my priorities will change.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

My saturday

At this moment, I'm in my room.
Exhausted and sweaty because..hahaha.just got back from the gym.
This week,i'm a bit dissapointed because i only made 3 trips to the gym including today.Should have made 4 visits.
Anyway, finished all my sessions with the trainer.after the last session which was on tuesday, my chest still hurts because of the muscle contractions the trainer taught me to do.Never in my life have i ever done push ups.yes, because of the trainer now i know the right way of doing it.

All i feel like doing now is just sleep through out the day..woke up early around 6.30am because like always princess 'MEOW' meowed like an alarm clock each morning say around 6am..geramm...

Mr boy is in KL.I'll probably go out with him later when he wakes up which i doubt would be before noon because he slept really late.

I wanted to go send my cat for grooming today because she is just so comot already and i dont have the energy to do it myself.Called up the pet shop, but unfortunately today's appointments are too pack to squeeze in my baby.
Therefore, i made an appointment for tomorrow morning.Nasib u baik hari ni wahai kucing buah hatiku, but not tomorrow.

Oklah. i want to get a quick nap.

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