Monday, May 3, 2010


Last night, i attended boy's cousins wedding at Concorde Shah Alam with his mom and my mom too!!

We met his sister there at the hotel.Boy and his mom came and got me and mom at home.
Felt so weird to have my mom and his mom together .His mom talked my mom into going for the wedding since there's an extra seat.My mom being polite didnt want to dissapoint boy's mom.

It was a Moroccan themed wedding.Definitely pretty.They even installed a tent for the main table section which adds up to the moroccan feel...
The groom's brother is a wedding planner and he was the mastermind for all the decorations and he even did the bride and grooms wedding attire.Loved the bride's attire so much..

Initially for boy's reception we were supposed to get the same cousin to do our outfits and all, but since his brother was getting married like 2 months before us, which was last night, he couldnt take on the job.

Never have i been to a themed wedding.All the families wore silver robe's again enhancing the moroccan theme.Apparently the groom's brother are all good singers.So they were the ones who serenaded us through out the night.Berani kan.kalau my family, memang pemalu and would never dare to go on stage to sing.

Got home around 11 pm.went straight to bed.

Feeling nervous now that insyallah its only 2 months away..
Am i really ready?
The only thing that makes me sad when i think about getting married is when i think of my family..i dont want to be apart from them.. because i know that my priorities will change.


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