Friday, May 21, 2010

8 weekends left

Ok, i have 8 weekends left before my big day..

I received my wedding cards last weekend and mom and i have already tied ribbons for 550 cards so far.tomorrow my brother's girlfriends will come over in the morning to help cut the kain..i think there's about 18 more rolls to go..i memang benci gila potong kain gets me i'm hoping the girls would do ok tomorrow..

Tomorrow afternoon, will be going to go see my imam masjid with dad and 2 uncles as my saksi..have to get my forms signed and then submit it to pejabat ugama.
After that, Ema my wedding dress designer is coming to the house at 4pm for my 1st fitting..My bridesmaids -cousins, are also supposed to come for their first fitting tomorrow at my house...

Last weekend i've sent all my barang2 hantaran to my aunt's place.she's going to start with the hantaran soon also..We've agreed to get her to do the staircase decorations at my house nanti.
This week i managed to go to a frame shop to get a picture of me and boy framed ..

Furnitures will be arriving in the 1st week of June.
Oh and we also went to Faiq Jewels to design and order boy's wedding they called me up and informed me that its ready..
Harap2 cantik la, because i helped design it because boy was saying sukati u la nak design macam mana.
susah dpt bf yang tak excited about wedding preparations.Slalunya i syok sorang2 je berangan...

Nak buat macam mana..kesian dia..dia yg nak kawin, dia yang nak cari duit nak buat majlis..semua pon on his shoulders..


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