Sunday, May 30, 2010

My irritating cat

Pictures above were taken while i was in the midst of cutting the materials for my doorgifts.Everytime without fail, whenever my cat see's me laying out all the boxes and kain ,when i'm about to start working with it, she will come to my working area, and dgn selambanya walk on all my kain and position herself on it.

Like this afternoon, she got comfy in a lid of a box (literally squeezed herself in it) and fell asleep..crushing all my kain underneath her.this happened many times with my mom also..rasa nak gelak pon ada,geram pun ada.its like there's nowhere else for her to sleep..nevertheless she is the queen of my heart..Buat la macam mana pon, i would still love my fat cat..even when she pee's on the roof of her house/sand box.,when she's supposed to pee inside the house where the sand is.


ZARA said...

i also have a naughty female cat yang suka kencing outside litter box dia... geram!

Diyana said...

Definitely geram, tapi tak pernah sampai hati nak marah

~ thalhazlin ~ said...

woho. so gemuk but so cute. geram. hee

Quiyah & Hasrul said...

wohoo, gemuk dan gebu.. bestnye kalau peluk..

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