Friday, December 24, 2010

Bonjour Paris

Its almost 9pm in paris and I'm ready for bed.It snowed the whole day today and it was freakin cold..we went to the eiffle tower and me,mom and my cousin was suffering from the cold that we spent like less than half an hour there. We obviously didn't go up the tower. We were just too cold. I couldn't feel my fingers as it was numb by the cold.I've seen snow before but I have never experienced snow actually showering. On the 1st day we got to paris we managed to visit the Louvre museum where the monalisa was, the champ elysees,and the arc de triomph.on the 1st day here in paris, the cold was unbearable, but today was just excruciating. The weather forecast shows that tomorrow will bring more snow showers and the temperature will drop to -6 degrees celcius. I dnt knw how we are going to manage tomorrow's condition. I would have to add more layers to my clothing to keep me in paris was'nt that fun as we had to squeeze a only a few hours for shopping besides visiting all the must see places. Tomorrow we are leaving for London by eurostar. I'll blog more about my exhausting journey from KLia to london and to paris in more than 24 hours. I'm currently still jet lagged and I'm struggling to cope with the weather and the exhaustion.I can't wait to get to London n go shopping.

Monday, December 13, 2010


I went back to Melaka last friday.
Got back to subang short monthly trip balik rumah husband.

Before we got married, since we're not living together just yet,the agreement was to spend alternate weekends at each others house.For the 1 st month , i would say that i went back to melaka every fortnight without fail.But i've been going back less and less now that we're into our 5th month of marriage.Its more of when i dont have any plans then i'll go back to melaka.Hubby has been kind enough to let me off easily whenever i'd say i have so and so plans for the weekend.he'd be the one who comes back to subang for like 3 weekends in a row, then i'd feel bad and tell him i'll go back to melaka the following weekend, and he'd be so surprised and think that i'm such an angel.

crossing my fingers so that maybe next year we would get to live together.and may my hubby gets more jobs in and around klang valley so that we'd be able to live together.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Je veux apprendre le francais

Je suis marie', j'aime mon mari-"i'm married, i love my husband"

I've been trying to learn abit of french just for the fun of it.
I've always think that the french language is sexy, but i've never been to any french classes.

My dear friend Asma used to take up french classes in uni and i remember her teaching us .Till today i remember what smelly is - puant/puante. My 2 brothers also used to study french language in high school.I can say that they would understand a simple french conversation if they heard one.

i only know the basics like Bonjour ma cherie- hello my darling,mon nom est Diyana-my name is Diyana, oui-yes, pas-no , je suis-i am.

I would really love to go for classes if i had a friend to go with me.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

On Gifts

Have been looking around for a messenger /reporter bag for my darling's birthday present.
Saw one at Hugo Boss's website that i like and its within my budget.I'm hoping that i'd get it for a cheaper price at Bicester Village.
There was also a nice LV clutch men's bag, but that one is out of my budget.
I really am torn between getting him a messenger/reporter bag or a men's clutch, since he's been eyeing on both type of bags whenever we come across it.

I want to get him something he likes .and i'm taking a gamble at buying him his present without him actually choosing/knowing it.But i want to surprise him this year.I want him to feel appreciated and see that i made the effort.
I could get him that LV clutch, but that would mean less spending money on items for myself in london..should i sacrifice? we'll see.That is if i've shopped for my part and there's enough money for the clutch, then i'd definitely get it = selfish wife.

For the doorgifts i really hope there's like super cheap items on sale at Marks n spencer.i'm only giving out doorgifts to the ladies..I remember my aunt getting me powders for like 50p..that would be great but there's another issue like overweight baggage if i were to take home 30-40 powders..bad idea? scrap the doorgifts all together? no?Depends on my budget la.

If only i had a bigger budget for his birthday...

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