Thursday, December 9, 2010

Je veux apprendre le francais

Je suis marie', j'aime mon mari-"i'm married, i love my husband"

I've been trying to learn abit of french just for the fun of it.
I've always think that the french language is sexy, but i've never been to any french classes.

My dear friend Asma used to take up french classes in uni and i remember her teaching us .Till today i remember what smelly is - puant/puante. My 2 brothers also used to study french language in high school.I can say that they would understand a simple french conversation if they heard one.

i only know the basics like Bonjour ma cherie- hello my darling,mon nom est Diyana-my name is Diyana, oui-yes, pas-no , je suis-i am.

I would really love to go for classes if i had a friend to go with me.


Izrin said...

i wantttt... jom? i used to go to allaince francais, dah lama dah.. but now i forgot almost all of it.. but mmg i intend to go back again and finish the course. wanna go together?

Diyana said...

nakkk..jom we go for classes! nanti we can speak the sexy language together.!

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