Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Maybelline Clear Smooth BB Cream #02 Natural

Its been quite some time that i got to know about the existence of BB Cream's. As usual, watched one of Anna's make up routine and she used a bb cream instead of a foundation. It looks creamy and easy to apply. Plus on Anna it seems to have given her good coverage.

Bb cream is short for beauty balm. This particular bb cream: Maybelline Clear Smooth Bb Cream, i got from Watsons was priced at rm14.90, where else it was rm19.90 in Guardian. (checked the price at Guardian on the same day i bought it from Watsons) its like rm5 cheaper in Watson! how can that be?
Anyway this bb cream's benefits are :

  • skin brightening
  • covers imperfections
  • moisturizes + protects ( has SPF26)
There's only 2 shades available which are #01 fresh, #02 natural. I got the latter.
I swatched the 2 shades on the back of my hand and found that the fresh was too white for me.
So i went with natural. It comes in a mint color 18ml tube.

Applied it before work started and by 10am, my face felt oilier than usual (bare in mind that i do have oily skin) and it got a bit patchy because i sweat easily. So for you girls that have medium to dry skin, it wouldnt be a problem. On the coverage part, i felt it gave me sheer to medium coverage. I guess it might be buildable. It doesnt really cover my imperfections but it made my complexion looks smooth and even .
Kinda disappointed because i was expecting true coverage from it as it was for Anna.But in reality Anna used a different brand and it was silly of me of thinking that i'd get the same results.

To me i find it works like a foundation, except that it has benefits for my skin.The texture is runny and i just use my fingers to even it out on my face. It absorbs into the skin and blends well after only 1 or 2 minutes.

Repurchase: Yes

Value for money: for Rm 14.90, it definitely cheap but u dont get a lot of product in it.

I dont have a good complexion, but the bb cream blended really well with my skin color and made my complexion even (used with a finishing powder)

After 6 hours of application.without any touch ups. I thought it still looked quite smooth
(used with a finishing powder)

Friday, January 25, 2013


My first Wonderbox arrived today!
Wonderbox is one of our Malaysian monthly surprise beauty boxes.
I discovered the Glossy Box from the UK, but too bad they dont ship elsewhere. So u can imagine how excited i got when i found out that we have our own beauty boxes

Each month these beauty box companies will send their subscribers 5 or 6 related sample size and sometimes full sized beauty related products. For example, make up, skin care and hair care.
There are a few other beauty boxes like Wonderbox such as Modbox, Vanity Box and a few more i cant recall. The cost for 1 box from Wonderbox is RM39.90 with free shipping.

When i registered with Wonderbox online, they gave me a few sets of questions about products i prefer, for example if i'd prefer matte or dewy products, if i love make up or skin care better etc.. I guess this is how they streamline what their subscribers get in their boxes. but of course we dont get alot of UK or US products in it. We get more Asian products in our surprise boxes (found out through surveying their past months beauty boxes).

I subscribed to my January Wonderbox in December and i have been waiting for it to arrive ever since, and it finally came today at my office. Note: i didnt subscribe to the 3 months or 1 year plan because i wanted to wait and see if i'm happy with the first box.

So today i'd like to do a review on my first ever beauty box, the Wonderbox.

 Bubble wrapped securely

 Love the pink ribbon, love the packaging. Although smaller than i'd thought it would be

 Comes with gift vouchers, pamphlets and an overview card

  Overview card of the beauty products inside

 The inside, decorated with fake flower petals

 1) Lipstick from Elianto. A reddish color

2) Murad exfoliating mask

 3) Ronasutra (never heard of the brand) mineral face powder and face sponge

 4) Murad face primer 

 5) Hair chalk? It says that you can use this to highlight your hair and wash it out after.

Some free flower decoration 

The packaging is quite nice i must say. Love that they added a pink ribbon to it. I do appreciate this extra touch. When u first open the box, u'll find a few pamphlets, overview card for the products featured inside the box and a RM30 gift voucher from Murad.

Overall i'm happy that there is a face primer. I've been wanting to get one.I know that Murad has great reviews for their skin products. So hopefully their primers are great too.But since i have oily skin, i sure wished they'd send me a matte instead of the dewy finish. As u know oily skin and dewy finishes dont blend. Am trying to recall what i answered/picked in the set of questions i had to fill in during the subscription.
Nevertheless, i'll give it a try and see how it goes.
  The lipstick is from Elianto. Its a red orangey color that i've yet to swatch out . I've never owned an Elianto product. Glad to receive and will test it out. You can never have too many lipsticks can you.
The Ronasutra face powder seems ok since it claims to be made from 100 percent natural minerals. And i love mineral products. I've been using the mineral foundation from Maybelline and it really does give you a better finish . So hopefully this powder gives me the same results i expect from a mineral product.
 The hair chalk i completely DISLIKE. Who would wanna highlight their hair with a chalk? Totally not going to try this out. It came in a sachet without any brand/description on it. Even in the overview card there was not a clue on which brand manufactured this hair chalks.
I also got a pomegranate exfoliating face mask from Murad. I honestly dont really use masks, but will try this since i have it. Note to self: must throw in effort to use masks weekly to improve skin condition.

And i could do without the random flower decoration. Really? 

Do i love my first Wonderbox: I LIKE it
Will i continue to subscribe: I guess i'd give them another try. Hopefully next month will get products from other brands. 

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

In2It Make Up Products

If u asked what is the most important makeup product for me. I'd say the eyeliner.

I have been using the In2It waterproof eyeliner in WE 02 Dark Brown for a few years now.
I dislike the liquid type eyeliner because it tends to run and smudge under the eye, u wont be able to smoke it out and because its harder to apply.

This retractable pencil eyeliner comes in a slender tube. Very easy to apply. Save me the hassle of sharpening the pencil type eyeliners.
It does what it says, it is definitely waterproof, but at the same time easy to remove with a make up remover.

I cant say that its very pigmented, u'd have to build it up to get a darker line. Sometimes it can be harsh on the eyelids because u tend to press down hard to get a darker line.So that maybe a drawback of this product. But honestly i've been sticking with it because to me it gives a more natural look (not too hard of a line) but still defines your eyes, it stays put and after several hours of application, it gets smokier.You can get it from any Watsons or Guardians that carries the In2It brand. If i'm not mistaken its about RM19.90. Cheapo! Just how I like it.

Slender tube 

Retractable tube

The other In2It product that i recently purchased is the Moisture Intense Lipstick in M1 109 Woodland. I was in Watsons to get my no umphteenth tube of eyeliner from In2It, when i saw the ON SALE tag on this limited edition lipstick range. Couldnt believe that it was RM9.90! But too bad that they ran out on most of the nicer colors. But since it was very cheap i just got myself one of the remaining colors that was available.
The one i got is a brownish orangey color . The texture is very creamy and moisturizing with a matte finish.I  prefer matte lipsticks because of its staying power. Very good color pay off. 
Another staple for my everyday makeup bag.

Repurchase: yes, because of its price point.

Good color pay off

matte finish

the packaging

I love drugstore makeup!

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Don't Wait Till It's Too Late

Tuesday, 15th January 2013

Mom called at close to 9am, to inform that my aunt had passed away.I was at work by then. She was sobbing. I felt like my heart skipped a beat. Called hubby to tell him the news. Immediately started packing and went back home to wait for my other family members to go to Segamat.

My aunt is my mom's elder brother's wife. She was diagnosed with her advanced stage illness in October last year. Since the news broke out, my parents have visited her several times.
I, myself didnt get the chance to visit her when she was sick. There was always something that came up during the weekends, that made me and hubby postpone our trip to Segamat. But we have arranged to go this coming Saturday, since last week mom visited her and said that her condition had worsened. But Allah has fated that I will not get the chance to visit her while she's still alive.

Thats the thing i regret most. I regret for not making it a priority to go visit her.
It'll be a lesson for me. Never wait..

My last memory of my beloved aunt was when we attended my cousins wedding in Putrajaya last June. She was very happy and cheerful. Got to spend a bit of time with her, chit chatting..
Never thought that it'd be the last time i'd see her..

Semoga Allah sentiasa lindungi arwah, dan semoga arwah ditempatkan dikalangan orang yang beriman.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

What's In My Bag

My "Whats in My Bag" post.

My thoroughly used black basic Longchamp that i wear everyday to work.

Contents of my bag

Contents of my mini pochette

Contents of my bag:
1) Folic acid
2) Sunglasses
3) 2 hair clips
4) Purse
5) Mini pochette
6) Keys
7) Sunblock
8) Sunglasses
9) Compact powder
10) Used tissue paper
11) Pen
12) Earphone

Contents of my mini pochette:
6)Nail clipper
7)Compact mirror

Monday, January 7, 2013

Jakarta Haul

My Jakarta Haul

Green lace with matching lining and chiffon

Lilac chiffon and lining

Silver beaded lace with lining and chiffon

Dark blue beaded sheer top

Orange beaded sheer top

Purple chiffon open kebaya top

Long black maxi skirt


Material accessories for future dresses

Neckline accessories (sorry if u cant make out how it looks like because of the white on white setting)

I got a few other stuffs/bit and bobs, but didnt manage to snap pictures because it was given away as gifts.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Revlon Color Burst Lip Butter

Hi everyone!
Today i'm going to do a review on the Revlon Color Burst Lip Butter. Had my eyes on this lipstick since i saw a few youtubers using in it in their make up routine/haul.

                                                        Picture above is from google

I find it enticing because of its sweet and candy colored see through/frosted cover tops. So when i saw it at the Revlon counter in one of the malls in Jakarta during our short trip last week, i quickly made a pit stop and purchased my first lip butter. My first lip butter was in the color Sugar Plum. It was not until i got back that i googled and checked, and i discovered that  it has reached Malaysia a few months back. Here in Malaysia, there are only 8 colors to choose from. Which are: 020 Brown Sugar, 025 Peach Parfait, 030 Fig Jam, 070 Cherry Tart,  075 Lollipop, 080 Strawberry Shortcake, 085 Sugar Plum and 096 Macaroon.
The formula contains mango, shea and coconut butter. YUMMY. Well not that it has any taste to it. Hehe.

From my personal view, i feel that the color that i got is not as pigmented as i'd like it to be. I guess if you go with a darker color, it would have better color pay off. It looks glossy on the lips with no shimmer and sparkle. Definitely moisturizing and hydrating, feels like you have butter on your lips.

This delightful tube is retailing at IDR 75000 which is more or less RM25. and i read somewhere that its retail price in Malaysia is RM25. Thought of asking mom to get me one other color from Boots since she was in London, but  I saw the price in Boots (online) was 5 pounds which is more or less the same here. Its slightly cheaper in the US with the price point of 7 dollars. In Malaysia, u can get it either in Watsons or Guardian.

It shall be my staple since i find it suitable as an everyday work/casual outing lipstick and definitely because its affordable.

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