Wednesday, January 23, 2013

In2It Make Up Products

If u asked what is the most important makeup product for me. I'd say the eyeliner.

I have been using the In2It waterproof eyeliner in WE 02 Dark Brown for a few years now.
I dislike the liquid type eyeliner because it tends to run and smudge under the eye, u wont be able to smoke it out and because its harder to apply.

This retractable pencil eyeliner comes in a slender tube. Very easy to apply. Save me the hassle of sharpening the pencil type eyeliners.
It does what it says, it is definitely waterproof, but at the same time easy to remove with a make up remover.

I cant say that its very pigmented, u'd have to build it up to get a darker line. Sometimes it can be harsh on the eyelids because u tend to press down hard to get a darker line.So that maybe a drawback of this product. But honestly i've been sticking with it because to me it gives a more natural look (not too hard of a line) but still defines your eyes, it stays put and after several hours of application, it gets smokier.You can get it from any Watsons or Guardians that carries the In2It brand. If i'm not mistaken its about RM19.90. Cheapo! Just how I like it.

Slender tube 

Retractable tube

The other In2It product that i recently purchased is the Moisture Intense Lipstick in M1 109 Woodland. I was in Watsons to get my no umphteenth tube of eyeliner from In2It, when i saw the ON SALE tag on this limited edition lipstick range. Couldnt believe that it was RM9.90! But too bad that they ran out on most of the nicer colors. But since it was very cheap i just got myself one of the remaining colors that was available.
The one i got is a brownish orangey color . The texture is very creamy and moisturizing with a matte finish.I  prefer matte lipsticks because of its staying power. Very good color pay off. 
Another staple for my everyday makeup bag.

Repurchase: yes, because of its price point.

Good color pay off

matte finish

the packaging

I love drugstore makeup!


Izrin said...

i love in2it toooo!!!

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