Thursday, January 17, 2013

Don't Wait Till It's Too Late

Tuesday, 15th January 2013

Mom called at close to 9am, to inform that my aunt had passed away.I was at work by then. She was sobbing. I felt like my heart skipped a beat. Called hubby to tell him the news. Immediately started packing and went back home to wait for my other family members to go to Segamat.

My aunt is my mom's elder brother's wife. She was diagnosed with her advanced stage illness in October last year. Since the news broke out, my parents have visited her several times.
I, myself didnt get the chance to visit her when she was sick. There was always something that came up during the weekends, that made me and hubby postpone our trip to Segamat. But we have arranged to go this coming Saturday, since last week mom visited her and said that her condition had worsened. But Allah has fated that I will not get the chance to visit her while she's still alive.

Thats the thing i regret most. I regret for not making it a priority to go visit her.
It'll be a lesson for me. Never wait..

My last memory of my beloved aunt was when we attended my cousins wedding in Putrajaya last June. She was very happy and cheerful. Got to spend a bit of time with her, chit chatting..
Never thought that it'd be the last time i'd see her..

Semoga Allah sentiasa lindungi arwah, dan semoga arwah ditempatkan dikalangan orang yang beriman.


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