Tuesday, January 19, 2010

i love everything about him

Yesterday i cried just because he was busy the whole day.each time i called him its either he was doing something or he was with someone..i am ashamed at myself.i wasnt mad or anything, its just that i was having a bad day at work and i was tired and of course i was having my period..he was quick to reason things and made me feel so much better.
skrg ni both of us hati senang nak pujuk..if we do argue pon, it wouldnt be long.macam syg sgt kat my boyfriend.
Its really obvious that he has changed for the better.and i feel that i have changed too.and i feel so in love..mutual understanding is the common factor.
2010 for me is a start of everything great...most importantly the year to be a better muslim..that is what i long for.I have been preparing myself mentally and emotionally to be someone's wife..
its alright that both of us had bad history or whatever,the most important thing is that we have learned and we are better human beings now.all the lessons picked up through out the years has made us stronger.Its better we tried out everything when we were younger and now, we're just settling down..thats the best part.seriously
i wouldnt change anything.and i wouldnt trade my moments with him,good or bad.
Am really surprised that i cant really find anything to complain about him anymore.thats how good things are between me and him now.


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