Thursday, January 21, 2010

in the mood to watch movies

Last saturday night,me and my friends went out for a movie in conjunction with Sueanne's (cherish this moment) farewell...Sue actually organised and got the tickets for us.we watched Sherlock Holmes at midvalley.
i enjoyed the movie..i really did compared with the 2 previous movies i watched(which i came out not even halfway into the movie)-Duhai Si pari pari and Adnan sempit.

Anyway the movie ended at 11.40pm and right after that all of us adjourned to Pelita in Bangsar to have supper..Sue was so excited to see the choices of food..(last few meals before she goes back to Dublin)-cute sgt..

we ate and chatted till almost 2 am..we bid farewell to sue and headed straight back home.letih mcm pegi clubbing plak..
anyway, what other movie is good that's playing now?really want to get boy to watch a movie with me until the end.
we have this habit of watching a movie halfway je...


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