Saturday, January 30, 2010

More crabs please!

Well as i mentioned yesterday, me and my cousins went to Hokkaido to have dinner.I've been meaning to introduce the place to them since a few months back.
My cousin Farah and her baby Kaysan came to pick me up at home at around 8.20pm and we met another cousin ,Shima there.
Alaa Kaysan is so cute.he's 8.5 kg's now.and i think he's about 5 months plus.At first when we stop at the gas station,he cried i took him out of his car seat and cradled him.he was looking at the view and lights outside the car and the next minute he was already asleep..comell
when we got to Hokkaido he was still sleeping peacefully.infact he slept all the way through dinner until we were about about to first when he woke up he was jjust looking at the surroundings until i guess he was getting hungry and sleepy again.Then he started to oh my, kuat ok dia nangis..
His mommy tried to give him milk, but still he refused to drink up..
We had to cut short our conversation because Kaysan was obviously tired and restless.

As for what we ordered yesterday,this is what we ate:
chilli/sweet sour crabs
fried calamari
butter prawns
asparagus belacan
garlic spinach
steamed buns
chinese tea

all of this was only for RM106!!
Thats why Hokkaido is my current favourite seafood place!


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